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How to Get a Good High

By now, we’re pretty sure that you’ve been hit with descriptions of the various strains of weed, the potencies, the chemistry involved, the delivery systems, the grades of quality, how it will affect you, and so on.

Most of us want to sit back and enjoy a great bowl once in a while. So, this is all about simply getting a good high. There is chemistry, and interactions between your body, your DNA and the plant. But there are also some basics to know, without getting in the “weeds,” that can help you fulfill your expectations as you imbibe.

A “good high” doesn’t necessarily equate to consuming a lot of marijuana. Herb2Home would like to present you with a list of considerations:

Five Factors for a Good High

1. How You Consume
This might have more to do with the quality of your high than any other factor. The most notable difference is probably between smoking the flower, consuming edibles, or consuming concentrates like shatter. A little trickier to manage nominal amounts would be with edibles. They’ll sneak up on you more slowly, and then deliver a powerful high. Also, concentrates are, well, concentrated. Handle with care.

2. How Much You Dose
How much you decide to consume depends, of course, on what it is that you are consuming. It would be best if you took care, when trying something new, to start slow. Although joints are probably the easiest to manage because you would be most likely sharing the experience with friends, and observation always helps one gauge properly.

For edibles, you might consider trying 5 to 10mg, and see how it goes from there. Also, you can use dosage charts on the internet that will guide you.

3. Cannabis Chemistry
Check the profile of the strain you’ve chosen. You might test several strains to see what fits well with your personal chemistry. Generally, Sativa stimulates, Indica mellows, and Hybrids provide the balance of both depending on your preference. The balance of THC to CBD plays a major role in your selection and your experience. Higher THC strains result in a head high, whereas lower THC levels and higher CBD levels result in feeling relaxed rather than stoned.

4. Factor in Your Age
Older folks may have a completely different reaction to cannabis than when they were young. Especially if they have a long history of enjoying cannabis. More experienced consumers build a tolerance over time and so, they will also have a much different reaction than those just starting out.

5. Where You Are
Your location also has a major effect on the quality of your high. Let’s face it, the great outdoors is a lot more interesting than 4 walls. But, if you are a beginner, the comfort of your own home, like maybe your backyard, is probably preferable. It is better to be familiar with what you are taking if you are placing yourself out in public.

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