Things You Misunderstand About Online Dispensaries
By Chris January 9, 2020

There are a lot of misconceptions about online dispensaries. This is a fairly big issue that we plan on tackling head-on to help you make an informed decision. Online dispensaries in Canada are oftentimes a better choice for customers, but some myths still persist. Today, we’re covering seven of the most common things that you misunderstand about online dispensaries in order to help put your mind at ease.

7. Less Support From Staff

less support
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A lot of people think that shopping online means taking a hit with regard to customer service. This is a myth and doesn’t reflect reality in the least. In fact, a good online dispensary will always employ extremely professional support staff. They are available at all times and can be reached either on the phone or via email.

Online dispensaries that are worth their salt pride themselves on having quick response times when answering your questions. Additionally, their staff knows a lot more than the stoner down the street who happened to land a job at their local dispensary. They vet their employees more rigorously and choose only the best salespeople to represent them.

This works out in your favour, with your online support staff being much more friendly and receptive to your questions. They’re also much more knowledgeable than your run-of-the-mill budtender working the counter at a traditional dispensary.

6. Online Dispensaries are More Expensive

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This is one of the biggest myths surrounding online dispensaries and it’s just not true. Online dispensaries are actually much cheaper on average than regular stores. This is because regular stores rely on people relying on them simply because of convenience.

If a particular store is the only dispensary serving a particular area, people don’t really have much recourse – unless they decide to shop online, of course. This means that they have to pay higher prices. Online dispensaries don’t have that luxury and have to offer the best possible prices to remain competitive and in business.

If online stores start gouging their customers, people will happily go elsewhere, which makes charging high prices a very bad business model for them. This works out perfectly for the customers, as they get top quality products for less money. Online dispensaries also save their customers money because people don’t need to drive or take public transportation. With the price of gas always on the rise, online dispensaries are always going to be a cheaper and more cost-effective choice.

5. Online Purchases Take a Long Time to Reach Customers

purchases take a long time to arrive
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Sure, the postal service can run into problems at times, especially during the holidays when everyone’s sending mail to each other. That being said, online purchases from a good dispensary don’t usually take all that much time to reach your door. They also offer a lot of convenience for people who can’t easily head outside their home to make a purchase in person.

Online dispensaries know exactly how long to expect deliveries to take. This is because they sent items through the mail all the time. They know all the tricks of the trade to ensure you get your goods as fast as possible. They also cut down on travel time, saving you a lot of time in the long run. The postal service is incredibly reliable these days and even cross-country shipments won’t take more than a few business days to reach your front door.

It’s all about managing expectations and offering an easier alternative to regular shopping. Online dispensaries are basically the Amazon of the cannabis world; they make a point of getting you your cannabis as quickly as possible to ensure that you stay as happy as possible. A good dispensary will always tell you exactly how long it will take for your package to arrive, along with offering tracking options. If a delay is expected they will always be up front and honest about it because they know that you’ll go elsewhere if they make you wait.

4. The Quality Isn’t the Same as Traditional Stores

lower quality
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One of the most enduring myths regarding online dispensaries is that their products aren’t nearly as good as regular dispensaries. This isn’t true at all. Most online dispensaries actually offer better products than anywhere else. A good online dispensary will always take its customers needs seriously. This is especially true when it comes to offering top quality products.

There’s a lot of competition that online dispensaries have to contend with. This is opposed to regular stores, which generally rely on taking over a small area around their actual store. Traditional stores will always be able to get away with offering inferior products because people don’t really have much of an option if they’re the only one servicing a particular zone.

Online stores, however, have to ensure that they offer only the best products. If they don’t do this, they will undoubtedly be put out of business quickly when people choose to shop elsewhere. With that looming over their heads, and the online community being as fickle as it is, online dispensaries go out of their way to ensure that they offer their customers nothing less than the absolute best.

3. You Have to Give up Sensitive Information When Registering

sensitive information
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If you have to give up sensitive information when ordering cannabis from an online dispensary, you’re probably in the wrong place. Many people think that you have to give up all of your information when you upload a copy of your ID, but this isn’t really true. Sure, you have to prove your age, but you never have to give up any info past that.

A lot of people who buy their cannabis or other products online will upload a copy of their driver’s license. If they’re worried about their sensitive info being in the hands of strangers, they then cover up all the information other than their name, photo, and date of birth. This protects them and is an accepted practice with regard to any legitimate online dispensary. If a dispensary asks for more information than that, you should do yourself a favour and shop elsewhere.

Credit or debit card information is another thing that people worry about when dealing with online dispensaries. They worry about their card info being used elsewhere without their knowledge. Some people also worry about additional or fake charges being debited to their account.

It’s actually more likely that an employee at a regular store will steal your information, as opposed to being compromised by using it at an online dispensary. Online dispensaries have a lot of regulations and oversight to contend with. This is designed to keep you safe and secure, which works wonders.

Every time you hand your card to a random employee at the store or a restaurant, you run the risk of them copying your information. Once they have your card in hand, they can do all sorts of nefarious things with that info much more readily than any online dispensary. All in all, it’s actually safer to make online purchases at a reputable online dispensary than at a traditional store.

2. Ordering Online is Complicated

too complicated
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Ordering online involves a few more steps than ordering in a regular store, but the process is actually much easier. All you need to do is set up an account and prove you’re legally allowed to purchase cannabis products. This process takes only a few minutes, with the most difficult part of it being snapping a photo of your ID and uploading it for verification purposes.

When you head to a storefront-style dispensary, you have to drive there, with some lucky people living within walking distance of one. Not everyone has the benefit of living so close to a traditional dispensary. This means that there’s always going to be some travel time involved, which can end up putting you out more often than not.

Ordering from an online dispensary, however, doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your home. In fact, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas or sweatpants to do so, which is amazingly convenient for a lot of people. This is especially true when you need cannabis to help treat a disease or curb the symptoms of things like cancer treatments.

At the end of the day, ordering online is about as easy as it gets. Not only can you order online outside of regular business hours, like in the middle of the night, but you can also do so with minimal fuss and bother. If you ask us, we think that purchasing cannabis at a store is much more complicated than doing so online.

1. Online Dispensaries have Less Selection

less selection
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Many people have convinced themselves that online dispensaries have a less varied selection of products available to their customers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. On top of their quality being far superior to many traditional storefront dispensaries, online dispensaries also offer a larger selection a lot of the time.

Online Dispensaries in Canada usually offer very popular cannabis strains and other products. These include tinctures, topical treatments, vapes, hash, shatter, CBD oil, edibles, and much more! If you perform a quick search through available products you’ll find that they have a variety selection of exceptional products.

Furthermore, many dispensaries are more than happy to work with you, more so than standard stores. Standard stores have the stock that they have and that’s that. Online dispensaries, however, are usually quite happy to listen to their customers’ concerns.

If you’re looking for a particular strain or product, but don’t see it listed, that doesn’t always mean you can’t order it from them. Being shy can get in the way here, but customers who get in touch with salespeople or support staff at online dispensaries will generally get what they’re hoping for. This isn’t guaranteed, of course, but the staff at online dispensaries care about offering the best possible experience for their customers and will always take your suggestions seriously.

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