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Here at H2H we strive ourselves not only on strict quality control but also on the experience of our customers and patients. We are a family built on respect and love and we want everybody to feel that when visiting Herb 2 Home. The Founders of H2H weed store have been in this industry their entire lives and have used medical marijuana to benefit their own lives as well as  the lives of the people around them.



In the past decade the once frowned upon Cannabis world has transformed into a comfortable and acceptable lifestyle. It is a well known fact that cannabis is miracle drug in the medical world, curing a broad spectrum of severe diseases and illnesses. Because this very fact has been a close and  personal experience multiple times in our families, we would like to be the front runners on sharing the knowledge and benefits of medical cannabis with the rest of Canada.


H2H does in house testing of all their products to insure that everything being sold on are of the highest quality. Our customers always come first!

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