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Herb2Home is situated in Canada’s cannabis heartland. We’re here for a reason. We wanted to be close to Canada’s best growers and Canada’s best cannabis growing environment. Despite Canada’s latitude, the weather is perfect. Surprisingly mild and humid, this “banana belt” is a British Columbia region that stays warmer than the rest of the county’s average temperature, largely due to geographical features and wind patterns. The result is a region that yields cannabis that is heartier, potent, and flavourful.

Mail order marijuana was launched when the cultivation, possession, acquisition, and consumption of cannabis became legal in 2018. Whether you live in Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, Tofino, Penticton, or any number of cities in British Columbia, we’re your neighbour. Our online dispensary in BC is dedicated to bringing our prized and precious bounty to the rest of Canada.

At Herb2Home, We Have it All

Shop on our convenient online dispensary. At Herb2Home, we have the full offering of cannabis-based products. You’ll find it easy to navigate, and we have helpful experts ready to get you where you need to be and answer all of your questions.

Herb2Home offers Indica: Known for its relaxing buzz that can be described as a “body high,” Indica is frequently used for its therapeutic properties. Indica is stockier than its cousin Sativa, with wider, plumper leaves. We can personally testify to our family history of using the Indica strain for therapeutic purposes over the years. Among its many benefits, it provides pain relief, stimulates the appetite, and serves as an effective sleep aid.

Herb2Home serves Sativa: In sharp contrast to Indica, Sativa produces more of an alert high. This strain is more frequently used during the day for a more active and recreational experience being higher in THC and less of the CBDs. It is taller and thinner than its close relative, with a thinner leaf.

Herb2Home has Hybrid: Considered “modern marijuana,” hybrid strains are the market choice for providing the best of both worlds. The popularity of hybrid strains has much to do with the individualization of the various hybrid products. They are engineered using varying percentages of both the Indica and Sativa strains. These percentages can be accurately modified to express varying degrees of each characteristic.

Herb2Home carries Concentrates: Our concentrates are just that, concentrated doses of cannabis. This allows patients to consume therapeutic doses conveniently without having to light up. A higher potency is also a convenient choice for experienced recreational users. Concentrates describe a wide variety of products. We carry Phoenix Tears (an oral dose), shatter (refined oil, up to 90% THC content), hash (recipes vary and are centuries old), tinctures (a drop for under the tongue), capsules of oil (high in THC), and kief (derived from flowers).

Herb2Home delivers the Best BC Bud

We also deliver high respect for our craft, our customers and our patients. We have personally benefited from our life-long involvement with cannabis, and it is certainly now good to see it get the acceptance it deserves.

Now we make our experience and love of these products available to you through our online dispensary in BC. Our online dispensary is easy to navigate through, to shop in, and order.

We’d love for you to become part of our extended family at Herb2Home. Buy weed online BC, Shop Herb2Home and buy from our online dispensary in Canada’s heartland. Contact us; we want to hear from you.

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