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A vast region of forests and tundra make up the Northwest Territories of Canada. These territories stretch into the Arctic Circle through forests and tundra and contain the high and rugged McKenzie Mountains. Then further north, it covers many islands, the largest being Banks and Prince Patrick. The capital city and also the largest city is Yellowknife.

The most favourable conditions are in the McKenzie Mountain lowlands, located in the territories’ west-central portion. Forests of black and white spruce combine with deciduous trees and spread into the McKenzie delta. 70 frost-free days allow wildflowers and grasses to flourish, along with root and cereal crops.

The Northwest Territories are a surprising melting pot of cultures, mostly made up of first nations and Canadians of European origin. They currently maintain eleven different languages. We at Herb2Home know that many of them have one thing in common, they buy weed online in Northwest Territories. We value their precious resources, and we are proud to say that they value our precious resource– the Herb2Home online dispensary in Northwest Territories.

As with most places in Canada, cannabis needs to follow many of the laws and restrictions that alcohol and tobacco do. It is a good idea to order from Herb2Home, so the best cannabis in Canada can be discreetly delivered right to your home at an affordable price, where you can enjoy it privately.

Herb2Home Brings the Best Cannabis to Northwest Territories

The Herb2Home product lines are produced from origins listed below:

Sativa: These strains grow well in warmer environments (which we can create) and produce a citrus and spice aroma. They are taller and thinner plants than Indica, with thinner leaves. Sativa strains are higher in cannabinoids and contain high levels of THC but lower CBD levels. Their effect is a more active or socializing high, producing a more creative approach. As Sativa is consumed largely for recreational reasons, it is enjoyed mostly during daylight hours.

Indica: These strains are cooler-environment-tolerant and give off more of an earthy, rich aroma. Shorter and stockier plants, they have wider, plumper leaves. Indica is lower in cannabinoids and THC levels, but they are higher in CBDs and provide medical patients with good therapy for the treatment of depression, pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, and anxiety. Indica strains provide a more relaxing, therapeutic buzz and a general “body-high,” so consuming them to relax at the end of the day is always best.

Hybrid: Hybrid strains combine the best attributes of both Indica and Sativa in varying precise degrees, depending on how they are cultivated for the individual’s needs or requirements. These strains are the most popular on the market, considered the best-of-breeds, and labelled “modern marijuana.” They are consumed by both recreational and medical users, depending on the hybridization balance, which determines the resulting benefits.

Concentrates: Concentrates serve two interests. They are sought after for both recreational and medical purposes. Experienced recreational consumers are attracted to concentrates for the higher, more concentrated potency, while medicinal cannabis consumers appreciate their discreet convenience and predictable dose precision. They are also the preference of people who prefer not to smoke. Herb2Home provides a wide variety of concentrates, including Kief (best of the flower), Capsules (high THC content), Tincture (under the tongue), Hash (Moroccan & Afghani), Shatter (90% THC), and Phoenix Tears (take orally).

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