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Nunavut is a big territory with a small population. It forms most of the Northern Canadian Arctic Archipelago. These islands consist mostly of mountains and tundra, with the occasional village. This is the land of the Inuit people. To get there, you use a plane. But that doesn’t stop us. We make sure you can buy weed online in Nunavut.

In Nunavut, the table is set mostly by hunting, fishing and gathering. It makes up most of the fare of the day. Calories are the currency in this part of the world, so many meals consist of stick-to-the-ribs favourites like smoked char, caribou stew or roasted musk ox. But cuisine is surprisingly diverse and includes a variety of berries, seafood, whale blubber and bannock. We know what goes well with that.

When it comes to water, well, melting glacier ice is probably the best in the world, although bottled water is available. Then there’s the tea, Labrador tea. A native shrub plant is used to make a popular herbal tea. Did we say herbal tea? Hmmm.

Herb2Home is Nunavut’s online dispensary of choice, and we’re proud to consider them part of our extended family.

As with most places in Canada, cannabis laws provide a framework for a safe and responsible cannabis industry. Out here, common-sense rules, and that includes cannabis consumption. If you order from Herb2Home you get the best cannabis in Canada discreetly delivered right to your home at an affordable price, where you can enjoy it privately.

Herb2Home Delivers to Nunavut

The Herb2Home product lines come from the finest ingredients, the cannabis strains grown in British Columbia:

Sativa: These strains are consumed largely for recreational reasons and are enjoyed during the day (even though it isn’t always light out) for its social, creative and more active effect. Having a higher level of cannabinoids, they contain more THC and lower levels of CBD. These strains grow well in warmer environments (which we can create) and produce a citrus and spice aroma. These plants are a taller and thinner variety, with thinner leaves.

Indica: These strains are consumed more by medical patients in order to benefit from their therapeutic properties. They have higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC (a cannabinoid). Patients use Indica strains to treat anxiety, loss of appetite, insomnia, pain, and depression. Indica strains provide a more relaxing, therapeutic buzz and an over-all body high. These strains can stand cooler-environments and give off more of an earthy rich aroma. Being shorter and stockier plants, they also have wider plumper leaves.

Hybrid: These strains are consumed by both recreational and medical users. A precise balance can be altered and achieved by the hybridizer depending on the need or preference of the individual. This makes Hybrid strains the most popular on the market and why it is that they are referred to as “modern marijuana.” Hybrid strains combine the best attributes of both Indica and Sativa in varying precise degrees.

Concentrates: Herb2Home provides a wide variety of concentrates including Kief (best of the flower), Capsules (high THC content), Tincture (under the tongue), Hash (Moroccan & Afghani), Shatter (90% THC), and Phoenix Tears (take orally). Concentrates are the favourite of both experienced recreational users and medical patients. Experienced recreational consumers are attracted to concentrates for the higher, more concentrated potency, while medicinal cannabis consumers appreciate their discreet convenience and predictable dose precision. They are also the preference of people who prefer not to smoke.

Nunavut Gets Mail Order Marijuana from Herb2Home

Buy weed online in Canada. We are proud to be your online dispensary in Nunavut. Become part of our growing family.

If you buy $199 or more, we’ll ship your order to you for free! Our deals and prices are affordable. You can start your online ordering now. We’re here and ready to help you every step of the way.

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