At Herb2Home You Can Buy Weed Online in Ontario

Ontario is a vastly diverse province. What goes on in Fort Severn is vastly different than what goes on in Toronto. Whichever end of this beautiful province you occupy, Herb2Home is proud to export cannabis from BC to our family in Ontario. From our location in Canada’s cannabis heartland, Ontario has easy access to our online dispensary. It’s as though Canada’s best cannabis growers and Canada’s best-growing environment is right next door.

We’re the discreet choice. The Ontario government has laws in place to protect children, keep driving safe, and combat the illegal market. This is a great reason for ordering your cannabis online from Herb2Home and having it shipped directly to the privacy of your own home.

In 2018, the cultivation, possession, acquisition, and consumption of cannabis became legal in Canada, giving way for the mail order marijuana industry to take hold. Whether you live in Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, or yes, even Fort Severn, Herb2Home is in your neck of the woods.

Buy Herb2Home Online Weed in Ontario

Choose Herb2Home for the weed you need in Ontario. It is easy, convenient and discreet. Here are the basics categories:

Indica strain products: Our Indica products provide a relaxing buzz or “body High.” The folks at Herb2Home have a long history with Indica and are very familiar with its therapeutic properties. It is higher in CBDs than THC and is many times used for medicinal reasons, it makes a good sleep aid, stimulates the appetite, relieves pain, and even treats depression. It is a stockier plant than Sativa, with wider and plumper leaves.

Sativa strain products: Our Sativa products are better for achieving an alert high and, containing more cannabinoid THC levels and lower CBD levels, are used during the day for more active and creative recreation. Sativa grows taller and thinner than Indica and has thinner leaves. Its aroma is more along the lines of citrus and spice than Indica’s earthy richness.

Hybrid strain products: Our hybrid products have seen increased popularity over the years. Hybrid is referring, of course, to the use of both Sativa and Indica strains to produce a carefully balanced best-of-breed. Hybrid strains are the favourite choice for many in the market, due to the precise engineering of proportions of one strain and the other to produce the exact balance preferred by an individual. It dominates the market and is widely considered to be “modern marijuana.

Concentrate products: Experienced recreational users and medical patients alike appreciate the precision and potency of our concentrates. Those that prefer not to light up find a particular preference for concentrates. Our concentrates make up a variety of products including kief (the best of the flower), capsules (a high THC oil), tinctures (an under-the-tongue application), hash (from Moroccan to Afghani), shatter (a 90% THC content), and Phoenix Tears (taken orally).

Herb2Home Delivery in Ontario

We are proud to be part of the Ontario lifestyle. We want to grow our family and help the country enjoy the benefits that we have come to know. Whether you feel close to us, or not so close to us, we’re here for you.

We are pleased to provide Ontario with cannabis through our online dispensary. It is easy to use the site, easy to shop, and easy to order. If your order is $199 or more, we’ll ship your order free!

Become part of our extended family in Ontario. Buy from Herb2Home’s online dispensary in your neck of the woods. We’re just a few clicks away.

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Buy The Best Cannabis Available Online In Canada

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