At Herb2Home, Yukon is Our Kind of Territory

Yukon Territory is in the northwest part of Canada. Whitehorse is not just the capital city it is pretty much the only city. Yukon is the least populated province (or territory) in Canada and is well known for the Klondike gold rush of the late 1890s. We in British Columbia, the heart of Canadian cannabis country, are their close neighbours.

Yukon is like nowhere else. For those who love the outdoors, it’s one giant opportunity. Hike, bike, fish, ski… or dogsled (mush!), if it’s outdoors, it’s here. Still, it does require some adjustment. For several weeks in the winter, the sun never actually rises, and for several weeks in the summer, it never actually sets. This may be a bit challenging to adjust to. We think we have a remedy for that.

Whether you buy weed online in Whitehorse, Dawson City, Watson Lake, or even Carcross, we are proud to be your mail order marijuana dispensary of choice.

Buying weed online in Canada, from our home to yours, and consuming cannabis within the privacy of your home, shed, barn, garage or yard is the best option. Your order arrives with complete confidentiality at your door.

Herb2Home Has the Necessary Provisions for the Yukon Territory

Our products come from the basic groups listed below:

Sativa: These strains grow well in warmer environments and give off a citrus and spice aroma. These are taller and thinner plants than the Indica, with thinner leaves. Higher in cannabinoids, they contain high levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. They deliver a more active or socializing high that is said to promote creative thinking. Sativa is typically consumed during daylight hours, and not meant so much for the couch.

Indica: These strains grow perfectly well in cooler environments and give off more of an earthy rich aroma. These plants are short and stockier plants with wider plumper leaves. Indica is lower in cannabinoids and has lower THC levels, but they have higher CBD levels which make them more sought after by medical patients, who rely on them for the treatment of insomnia, loss of appetite, pain, and depression. Indica strains provide a more relaxing, therapeutic buzz and a general “body-high.”

Hybrid: Hybrid strains are cultivated to combine the best attributes of both Indica and Sativa in varying precise degrees depending on the needs or requirements of the individual. Considered “modern marijuana” these strains are the most popular in today’s market. These “best-of-breeds” are consumed by both recreational and medical users, depending on the balance of the hybridization.

Concentrates: Cannabis concentrates are used to produce a wide variety of our products, like Phoenix Tears (taken orally), Shatter (90% THC content), Hash (Moroccan and Afghani recipes), Tincture (placed under the tongue), Capsules (oil with high THC content), and Kief (the best of the flower). Concentrates are a favourite among both recreational users and medical patients. Experienced recreational users love the higher, more concentrated potency, while medical patients like its discreet convenience and a precise dose. They are also valued by those who prefer not to light-up.

Get Weed Delivered to Yukon Territory by Herb2Home
Buy weed online in Yukon Territory, and all over Canada. As part of our growing family, we are proud to be your online dispensary in Yukon Territory.

So, shop and order. We offer great deals and our prices are affordable. We’ll ship your order to you for free if your purchase is $199 or more.

We are just south of Yukon Territory, just a few clicks away, and ready to help.

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