Cannabis And Coronavirus
By Chris April 9, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, more and more people are being urged to stay inside and quarantine themselves to help combat the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, many countries have begun to force people to stay inside for the foreseeable future. This will undoubtedly have a severe impact on the global economy and will also negatively affect the lives of countless people worldwide.


By now we’re all aware that COVID-19, commonly referred to as the coronavirus, has had a devastating effect on our day to day lives. Countries around the world are suffering from a shortage of basic medical supplies, as well as basic essentials like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. This has left many people wondering how the pandemic will affect cannabis users and dispensaries.

Silver Linings Abound

silver linings abound
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Thankfully, cannabis users have a silver lining to keep them from losing all hope. That’s because cannabis is currently considered to be an essential service by the Canadian government. This means that cannabis dispensaries across Canada will be able to keep their doors open and continue serving their patients. That being said, it’s still a good bet to choose a suitable online dispensary to minimize the chances of contracting the coronavirus.


Only time will tell just how much COVID-19 will affect the cannabis industry and those who rely on cannabis on a daily basis. The good news is that cannabis offers plenty of benefits for Canadians during this troubling time. Cannabis sales have skyrocketed while other businesses struggle to stay afloat. Additionally, cannabis has been proven to be effective at treating depression, which is likely good news for people under quarantine who have minimal human contact.

Cannabis Smoke is Less Damaging than Tobacco

cannabis smoke is less damaging than tobacco
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It’s also worth noting that COVID-19 is very much a respiratory disease, putting smokers at increased risk. That being the case, plenty of people are doing their best to avoid smoking cannabis and are instead turning to products like edibles and vapes. Those measures are probably warranted, although cannabis smoke isn’t nearly as troublesome as some people have been led to believe.


According to a study conducted by UCSF and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, cannabis smoke is much less damaging to the respiratory system and pulmonary function than tobacco smoke. This means that cannabis users aren’t really at increased risk of developing serious complications if they contract coronavirus. This is overwhelmingly good news, although cannabis smokers are still not quite as safe as non-smokers in general.


That being said, it’s still probably best to switch over to edibles and other products that are less taxing on your lungs for the time being. While it was found that casual cannabis use isn’t a big issue, heavy users do see some decline in pulmonary function. At the end of the day, if you’re a cannabis smoker, switching over to edibles could also open you up to a whole new experience; you’ll also end up decreasing your chances of developing serious complications if you do happen to contract COVID-19.


The advances made in the cannabis industry in recent years have seen plenty of new and healthy products line the shelves of dispensaries and we’re all for it! If cannabis hadn’t been legalized before this outbreak, things probably wouldn’t look so optimistic for cannabis users. While cigarette use inevitably leads to a steady decline in respiratory function, cannabis users can continue to breathe easy. In fact, air flow rate in individuals who smoke cannabis actually increases rather than decreases.


This isn’t to say that smoking cannabis (or even taking CBD) will prevent you from contracting COVID-19. Anyone who suggests that CBD is effective at treating or preventing the spread of the coronavirus is grossly misinformed. Coronavirus, however, does tend to cause more problems for cigarette smokers than non-smokers, putting them at increased risk. If you’ve been worried about your cannabis smoking putting you at increased risk of developing serious coronavirus complications, hopefully this news will assuage your fears.

Cannabis Helps Fight Depression

cannabis helps fight depression
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It should come as no surprise these days that cannabinoids are an effective tool in the fight against depression. This is especially true of CBD, although THC also does a great job at keeping depression at bay. Cannabis has been shown to have positive effects on mental health in countless studies and is now widely recognized for its medicinal benefits. To begin with, cannabis is known to help to relieve stress and anxiety, which is a leading cause of depression today.


We’re also aware that being stuck at home, whether you opted to self-quarantine or were forced into it, can have a negative impact on mental health. When you’ve been quarantined, you only have limited human contact. It should go without saying that this can lead to boredom and unnecessary stress. Many people also find that not mingling with others is a huge factor when it comes to depression.


As such, finding a way to keep yourself amused or otherwise occupied while you’re quarantined is an important step. This is an area in which cannabis excels, allowing you to stay positive and entertain yourself even when you’re stuck at home without much to keep you busy. When you’re stuck in a rut and are having trouble amusing yourself during this trying time, cannabis is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Cannabis and the Economy

cannabis and the economy
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With stores all over Canada shutting their doors until this pandemic finally blows over, many businesses will end up taking a hit. In fact, the economy has already taken a massive downturn. This is true both in Canada and the rest of the world. People just aren’t willing to go about their day as usual, as that will put them at increased risk – and that’s assuming that they aren’t being forced to stay inside.


One of the few industries that’s actually seen minimal change is the cannabis industry. In fact, it’s actually seen a major uptick in revenue since the spread of COVID-19. Patients across Canada have been busy making a point of stocking up on their favourite cannabis products. This trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, which means that the cannabis industry could end up helping to keep the economy afloat in a big way.


Cannabis dispensaries being deemed an essential service definitely helped this trend gain momentum. This is largely due to the medicinal benefits of cannabis, which can be used to treat a range of debilitating conditions and diseases. This has legitimized cannabis in a big way and is a sign that we’re on the cusp of a brilliant new era in which cannabis reclaims its rightful place as a medicinally useful plant.


It’s unclear at this point just how much of an impact cannabis product sales will have as far as keeping the economy from tanking. Still, we’re optimistic that it will have a positive impact. Every little bit counts at this point and cannabis is more than pulling its weight. If this trend continues, recovering from the coronavirus pandemic will be a much easier process when all’s said and done.

Wrapping Up

wrapping up
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While cannabis won’t necessarily protect you from coronavirus, it certainly won’t put you at any increased risk for the most part. This is especially true if you choose to enjoy edibles or switch over to vaping for the next month. For people who have already taken these steps, we absolutely applaud your move.


Cannabis still has some amazing benefits and will definitely help ease the strain that COVID-19 has put on the global economy. Enjoying cannabis is also the best way to enjoy yourself while you’re stuck at home. Once again, we recommend avoiding brick and mortar dispensaries that require you to head out in public.


Instead, you should do everyone a favour and stick to online dispensaries for now. This will both save you time and also help protect you and your loved ones while COVID-19 runs amok. Social distancing is very important these days and online dispensaries have you totally covered.

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