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By GSEO January 4, 2021

Cannabis is Good for Mental Health

Over the years, the perception of the role of cannabis in our lives has changed. Instead of being looked at as a gateway drug that can lead to more harmful drug abuse and possible psychological addiction, cannabis is now heralded as therapeutic. As with most therapeutics, if consumed responsibly, there are several helpful benefits.

For many conditions, cannabinoids are mildly effective although the information available makes difficult a completely accurate assessment of the level of benefit. However, patients do report relief in several instances including when used for MS-related spasticity, general chronic pain, and relief of chemotherapy nausea. Cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids are becoming more widely available and are being used.

The use of medical cannabis is different for everyone. Most doctors do not recommend smoking marijuana, they instead prescribe other options such as vaping, oils in soft-gel capsules, or even as ingredients in food. The choice is typically about personal choice or the type of treatment. For example, if the treatment is for sleep, ingesting into the digestive system instead of vaping would be more appropriate due to the length of time it would last in your system, providing the intended therapeutic effect.

How Does Cannabis Benefit Mental Health?

Cannabinoids (like THC) and Cannabidiol (like CBD) are proving to be great natural choices for several physical and mental health issues. Cannabis is not considered to be a “first-line therapy” and health practitioners are encouraged to try traditional classes of treatment first. But studies increasingly show that, in addition to being a great alternative to pain killers, cannabis delivers other helpful mental health benefits:

Anxiety Reducer: For managing on-going anxiety and panic attacks, cannabis can serve to “even things out,” allowing you to better manage and take control of your mental health.

Sleep Enhancement: For many people, sleeping pills have been the go-to remedy for sleep loss. Patients report that when taking cannabis, sleep patterns are improved, and so– over-all health is improved.

Pain Reduction Along Neural Pathways: Consuming cannabis helps you handle pain. Not only is cannabis good for mild aches and pains, but it can also reduce chronic pain levels.

Inducing Relaxation: Cannabis is used to help relaxation for patients that suffer from conditions that do not allow them to be comfortable enough to relax, for them to recuperate.

Used by Therapists as an Antidepressant: Many psychologists and psychiatrists prescribe cannabis as an antidepressant. Unlike many pharmaceutical products, it is proving to be a non-addictive way to manage depression.

There is little doubt that the therapeutic medical use of cannabis can be used to relieve the symptoms that can be brought on by many physical and mental disorders. This course of treatment is much better than pharmaceuticals that, in many cases, can be more addictive treatments. There are many options for consuming medical marijuana, and most of them do not involve lighting up. Highly precise and effective forms are available for your convenience.

Canada’s use of medical Marijuana goes back to the year 2000 when the Supreme Court mandated it’s use. In 2014 it was decreed that any doctor or nurse practitioner could prescribe the use of medical cannabis (depending on the province) for their patient. Since those dates, medical cannabis has proven to be effective in its ability to work with the endocannabinoid system, which runs a lot of our bodily functions, including sleep cycles, appetite, and emotional state of mind. Our bodies have natural receptors for cannabis-like compounds.

Herb2Home Provides

In addition to the various strains of weed– we provide edibles, concentrates, and capsules for convenient, precise, and discreet ways to dose. Looking back at our Herb2Home history, our high level of quality and our adherence to the purity of organic weed is tied to our history of medical use, both for ourselves and our close friends.

We intend to pass that experience and expertise on to you our customers and our patients. Our research, and the research of others, is ongoing. Studies are now revealing that treatment for conditions like Tourette syndrome, dementia, and Alzheimer’s, is just around the corner.

We at Herb2Home intend to not only keep you up on these developments, but we also intend to contribute, and help lead the way.

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