Weed Bath Bomb
By GSEO February 3, 2021

Baths Are the Bomb

This is the ultimate “after hours” rest. When it comes to bath time, it’s nobody’s business but your own. A cannabis bath is a whole lot more than stepping into hot water. Your pores and bones will feel the cannabis soak in and relax you. You won’t just get a body-buzz, you may feel actual dizziness as the CBD and THC take effect.

The CBD Effect

CBD works with our internal cannabinoid production system, the endocannabinoid system (or ECS). We now know that cannabis compounds that get infused into bath bombs contain anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety agents, with no side effects. They work to regulate a wide range of body functions like appetite, body temperature, and pain thresholds.

At the moment cannabis comes in contact with your skin, a passive dispersion process begins. It is called “percutaneous absorption.” If you concentrate enough of the oil into your bath and steam your body to the point where your pores receive the oil, the CBD and THC will enter your blood. Hot water is significant in this process.

When a virus enters our system, ECS releases natural cannabinoids that address the problem. CBD works in tandem with ECS to help increase cannabinoid production.

Can You Get High Using a Bath Bomb?

Your skin, although resilient, is not completely invulnerable. Circulatory frameworks continually stream cannabinoids into your body. A hot bath opens the pores and allows the cannabinoids to absorb into your body. So yes, you can… a bit. But do be careful. It is important to understand how your body will react to cannabis.

If I Use a Body Bath, Will That Show Up on a Drug Test?

The belief that it takes 30 days for THC to not show up in your body isn’t altogether right. This result shifts for every individual and for various kinds of medication tests (hair, pee and blood).

Regarding hair testing, the THC will show up for 3 months. Pee results are the most known to most people and do contrast with other testing results. Urinalysis can detect THC for up to 15 to even 30 days. If your test is based on fat cells (lipids) THC is detectable for about a month or more. The presence of THC in the blood is short-lived. THC is undetectable in the blood after 48 hours.

The good news is that skin absorption is pretty superficial and so cannabis compounds just saturate your skin and muscles. This means that it is most likely that bath bombs are safe for drug tests.

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