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By GSEO January 11, 2021

Mixing Different Cannabis Strains

The marijuana industry has come a long way in recent decades, and Herb 2 Home is proud to be a leading dispensary and one of the best options to buy weed online in Canada. Instead of just purchasing whatever was available, users have virtually unlimited access to multiple types of Indica, Sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains. Strains are grown with particular effects in mind, and users can now essentially cater their consumption to address a specific desire. Many of the clients at Herb 2 Home are unfamiliar with different cannabis strains and what happens when you mix them. What follows is a simple strain guide for marijuana consumption.


A helpful way that many people classify Indica strains is by thinking “on the couch.” That is, Indica generally provides more relaxing effects and is a good strain if you plan on chilling at home or need help falling asleep. It is also thought to reduce nausea and pain and increase appetite, which has lent these cannabis strains to medicinal use.


In contrast to Indica, Sativa strains are known for an energizing head high that is a good choice if you plan to be more active. These strains have been used to reduce stress, promote focus, and increase creativity. Sativa strains are generally preferred by more active types and lend themselves well to adventures outdoors.


As you can imagine, hybrid strains are developed as a cross between Indica and Sativa. Instead of having overpowering effects of either strain, hybrid cannabis strains are a good middle ground that offers the benefits of both.

Can you Mix Strains?

You can absolutely mix cannabis strains, and many people prefer to do just that. In fact, many hybrid strains were initially developed to help bring out the positive effects of differing mother plants. Outside of hybrids, however, many people choose to mix strains on their own in order to create a specific high and achieve their own hand-picked effects. Once you become familiar with individual strains it can be fun and very beneficial to mix them, in order to create a fully customized experience to address your specific needs. For those using marijuana medicinally, mixing strains has become a very helpful tool in targeting specific ailments and issues while working to eliminate any unwanted side effects.

The cannabis industry has grown immeasurably in recent years, and now more than ever users have the ability to fully create and adapt their marijuana high to their specific needs. At Herb 2 Home, our experts are here to help you do just that. As one of the premier places to buy weed online in Canada, we pride ourselves not only on our product but also on the customer service that goes along with it. Further explore our website or give us a call today to discover all that Canada’s marijuana industry has to offer.

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