Guava Punch Live Resin – By Kootenay Extracts


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Guava Punch Live Resin – By Kootenay Extracts


Strain Description

Golden Temple Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain with unknown Kush parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy. Although not too much is known about this rare strain, Golden Temple Kush packs a great mix of head and body highs fueled by a high 15-20% average THC level. Golden Temple Kush has a sweet grapey flavor that’s accented by spicy kush with a super smooth exhale. The aroma is very spicy and dank, with a smell of rotten berries and sweet kush that can fill a room. This bud has oversized leafy olive green nug with rich purple undertones and leaves, dark orange hairs, and a thick coating of huge white crystal trichomes. The Golden Temple Kush high is one you’ll never forget, with a powerful mood boost and psychoactive effects that can be too much for some users. The high starts with a building euphoria that fills your mind with happy thoughts, although hazy at times. Soon, you’ll find yourself falling into vibrant imaginative thoughts and deep introspection. As your mind soars, your body will succumb to a creeping stone that will lock you into wherever you’re sitting without putting you to sleep. Because of these effects, Golden Temple Kush is perfect for treating chronic pain, depression, ADD or ADHD, and chronic stress.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that gets its name from the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it’s made. Unlike the majority of cannabis products, Live resin extract is made from plant material that hasn’t been dried or cured. The starting plant material used for live resin includes fresh flower buds and sugar leaves; the large fan leaves and stems are excluded. The flash-freezing process helps preserve the most desirable compounds and retain the full flavour of the originating cannabis plant. Concentrate enthusiasts tend to gravitate toward live resin for its more flavorful and aromatic dabbing experience. When producing live resin, the primary goal is to capture the massive essence and aroma of the live cannabis plant. Products extracted using the live resin process — flash-freezing the cannabis plant material, then extracting it — are associated with high-quality and flavorful concentrates. Bypassing the typical drying and curing processes allows for a greater proportion of essential oils.

These essential oils, technically called terpenes, are the compounds responsible for the distinctive flavours and aromas in cannabis, and other characteristics to be expressed in the final product.

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