Unicorn Hunter Hash


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Unicorn Hunter Hash


Unicorn Hunter Hash is now available at Puffland! Brought to you by the same people who brought us the Gold Seal Hash that has been selling off the shelves and now we have their new premium selection, the Unicorn Hunter.

They clearly know what they are doing, this is a soft, sticky hash with a light spicy fresh aroma. They start the process with premium flower and work it into this excellent example of the quality of hash we are making domestically. The high comes on quickly and seems to be a balanced hybrid that allows the smoker to enjoy the high in a social atmosphere then slowly sink into a calm state.

No couch lock but the sleep after was amazing.

Top of the line hash for a bargain price. You will be brought back to the early eighties with this stuff. Very reminiscent of old school black hash, soft, malleable and bakes nicely for joints. No need to add anything to this stuff, it will leave you in a very high state!

A great Domestic Hash that you don’t want to miss!


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