Calypso Rose Live Resin – Sativa


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Calypso Rose Live Resin – Sativa


Strain Description

Calypso Rose is an extremely rare sativa dominant hybrid strain.. This bud is said to have gotten its name from its floral flavors and relaxing effects.

Calypso Rose has a sweet fruity flavor with accents of roses and earth that tickle your tongue with each exhale. The aroma is very fragrant, almost like a bundle of freshly picked wildflowers with just a hint of blueberry.

The Calypso Rose high is one that you have to experience only once to fall in love with. It starts with a cerebral lift that boosts your spirits and leaves you feeling happy and completely at ease with the world around you. This is followed by a slowly building body buzz that leaves you feeling slightly tingly and completely relaxed with a warmed effect.

These hybrid effects make Calypso Rose an ideal strain for treating conditions such as chronicpain,depression, chronic fatigue, and chronic stress or anxiety.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate that gets its name from the freshness of the cannabis plant from which it’s made. Unlike the majority of cannabis products, Live resin extract is made from plant material that hasn’t been dried or cured. The starting plant material used for live resin includes fresh flower buds and sugar leaves; the large fan leaves and stems are excluded. The flash-freezing process helps preserve the most desirable compounds and retain the full flavour of the originating cannabis plant. Concentrate enthusiasts tend to gravitate toward live resin for its more flavorful and aromatic dabbing experience. When producing live resin, the primary goal is to capture the massive essence and aroma of the live cannabis plant. Products extracted using the live resin process — flash-freezing the cannabis plant material, then extracting it — are associated with high-quality and flavorful concentrates. Bypassing the typical drying and curing processes allows for a greater proportion of essential oils.

These essential oils, technically called terpenes, are the compounds responsible for the distinctive flavours and aromas in cannabis, and other characteristics to be expressed in the final product.

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