AAAA Ice Cream Kush

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Type: Indica dominant Hybrid
Flavour: Sweet, Vanilla, Pine
Aroma: Skunk, Sweet, Dough
Pros: Focused, Uplifting
Cons: Dizziness, Paranoia

What Ice Cream Kush strain is all about:

Indica-dominant hybrid
• Award Winning Potent Exotic Strain

Ice Cream Kush also known as “Ice Cream” is a strong indica-dominant strain. Consumers have noted being more focused after smoking this strain. Even though it is primarily an Indica leaning strain, the high starts with mild cerebral sensations while also uplifting your mood. The indica phenotypes will provide relief from aches and pains.

This strain is most often chosen for it’s ability to combat symptoms of stress and depression as well as anxiety. The calming effects are very strong so consume responsibly and slowly as at higher quantities consumers have reported symptoms of paranoia and dizziness.

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