Kootenayz Exoticz – AAAA Trophy Wife

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Type: Indica Hybrid
Flavour: Sweet,  Earthy
Aroma: Sweet, Gassy
Pros: Calming, Long Lasting
Cons: Dry mouth, dry eyes


What Trophy Wife is all about:

Exotic Kootenay Strain
Cross between The Wife & Cherry Wine
• High levels of CBD


Additional Considerations:

Trophy Wife  is the perfect Indica Hybrid to relieve your tension at the end of a long day! It is most commonly used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms and cramps. For any novice smokers, do not be fooled by it’s high CBD content, this strain still packs a heavy punch.

Trophy Wife’s high starts off with a super calming effect that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. Because of the combination of CBD and THC, Trophy Wife is a popular choice for medical patients!

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