Quad Death Bubba (Medium Buds)

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Type: Indica
Flavour: Sweet,  Earthy
Aroma: Sweet, Gassy
Pros: Relieves tension and anxiety,  Soothes physical pain
Cons: Dry mouth, dry eyes


What Death Bubba is all about:

Popular Vancouver bred Indica strain
Cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush
• High THC levels consistently ranging between 25% to 27%


Additional Considerations:

Death Bubba is the perfect Indica to relieve your tension at the end of a long day! If you’re looking to take advantage of its sedative properties, this strain will do the trick! Because of it’s sedative properties Death Bubba is best smoked at night or when you’ve completed all of your daily tasks. This strain is also known to stimulate your mood leaving you feeling happy and relaxed. It is most commonly used to treat insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation and depression. For any novice smokers it is recommended to take your time with this heavy Indica until you find the amount that works best for you.

Death Bubba’s high kicks off with a mentally stimulating effect that evolves into a soothing calm that with leave you feeling extremely relaxed. With high THC levels ranging between 25% and 27%, you will be sure to feel the powerful physical effects of this strain. It’s fast-acting and heavy-hitting

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