Kootenayz Exoticz – AAAA Blueberry Grape Vine

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Type: Indica Cross
Flavour: Sweet,  Earthy
Aroma: Blueberry,  Fruity, Sweet
Pros: Calming, Long Lasting
Cons: Dry mouth, dry eyes


What Blueberry Grape Vine is all about:

• Exotic Strain
Cross between Blueberry & Alien Grapevine
• New Strain


Additional Considerations:

BBGV  is a strong Indica Cross strain. Be one of the first few who experience this new strain! Consumers have described the high as a strong physical high that calms the body and nerves,  soothing pain and promoting sleep. Spacey is another word commonly used by consumers to describe this exotic strain!

Try it today and let us know what you think!

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