Kootenayz Exoticz – AAAA+ Hawaiian Haze

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Type: Sativa
Flavour: PIneapple, Citrus
Aroma: Tropical,  Fruity,  Sweet
Pros: Happy,  Uplifted, Euphoric and Energizing
Cons: Dry mouth, dry eyes


WhatHawaiian Haze is all about:

• Exotic Strain
Cross between Hawaiian & Haze
• New Strain


Additional Considerations:

Hawaiian Haze is a strain that’s aroma will have you feeling like you are in a tropical paradise. It’s light airy buds are a perfect representation of the effects this will have on you. Consumers report being  talkative and sociable,  making Hawaiian Haze a sensible choice for daytime use.

Feeling like an Island Getaway? Try Hawaiian Haze today!

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