AAAA Hindu Kush (Small Buds)

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Small buds are a great choice if you are looking for amazing quality for a fraction of the price!

Type: Indica
Aroma: Gas, Sweet, Earthy
Flavour: Pine, Herbs
Pros: Relaxing, Pain Relieving
Cons: Dry mouth


What Hindu Kush is all about:

Pure Indica
• Originated from Pakistan / Afghanistan

Additional Considerations:

Hindu Kush is named after the 500 mile mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan where it originated. Due to the harsh climate this strain evolved to produce a protective layer of heavy trichomes to protect itself from the harsh conditions making it a top choice amongst hash producers. Hindu Kush has since become world famous for it’s high oil content and strong effects.

If you are struggling with pain, nausea or stress disorders we strongly suggest trying this strain!


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