BC Nectar Shatter – Hindu Kush

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Type: Indica
Flavour: Fruity, sweet
Aroma: Earthy, Berry, Citrus
Pros: Pain and Stress Relief
Cons: Dry Mouth and Eyes


What Hindu Kush is all about:

Indica Cross between Jack the Ripper and Black Cherry Soda
• Great for anti-anxiety and increasing appetite 
Moderate THC levels 15%-20%


Additional Considerations:

If you’re looking for a strain that treat’s anxiety, you shouldn’t overlook Hindu Kush shatter by BC Nectar. This Indica gets it’s name from the mountain range  bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. Brought to North America around 1970, Kush has since become a well-known term, most commonly used to describe high quality, high THC content cannabis.

BC Nectar labs deliver amazing shatter products thanks to their quality extraction process. With a focus on premium quality, the brand delivers the cleanest, purest shatter you can find. At Herb 2 Home, we work directly with the brand to ensure quality and unlock amazing cost savings that we transfer to our customers.

***Due to the extraction process used to make Shatter, it will not always contain all of the aromatic and flavour phenotypes that the cannabis itself has. The description provided is the description of the strain of Cannabis used to produce the shatter.

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