BC Nectar, Shatter – Holy Trinity

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Type: Hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
Flavour: Berry, piny, pungent
Aroma: Skunky, crisp
Pros: Anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia, pain relief, creativity
Cons: Short-lived high, strong flavour


What Holy Trinity is all about:

• Rare and highly coveted brand of cannabis.
Sativa-dominant hybrid with high THC levels.
• Created in Northern California.
Appealing, yet strong, flavour and aroma.
• Cross between Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush.


Additional Considerations:

The effects of Trinity are uplifting and potent. Commonly used by those battling anxiety and depression, the strain is a great option for those looking to relieve stress. The deeply relaxing effects of Holy Trinity also make it a great option for nighttime use.

It’s also great at relieving pain from arthritis, and alleviating the symptoms of common gastrointestinal disorders. Warm, comforting, and memorable, this popular strain delivers a pleasant effect that will elevate your mood

The quick, heady high will give you positive insight and enhance your mood. If you’re looking for a euphoric experience, this strain of shatter delivers a higher level of THC concentration than any other brand on the market.


The Best BC Dispensary Online Brings You Better Products

While its true origin might not be clear, one thing is for sure. This strain is highly potent and delivers amazing quality. With a high THC concentration it offers an uplifting high that improves your mood, along with inspiring creativity.

BC Nectar labs use a unique extraction process to produce the cleanest, purest shatter online. When you shop with Herb 2 Home, you unlock the unique benefits you can only get from a brand that’s truly committed to its customers. Additionally, we work directly with the team at BC Nectars, allowing us to ensure their products meet the standards set by our strict quality control policy. 

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