Canada’s Best Derivatives, Budder – Laughing Buddha

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Type: Sativa
Flavour: Spicy, rich
Aroma: Sweet, fruity
Pros: Anti-anxiety, pain relief
Cons: Red eyes, dry mouth


What Laughing Buddha Budder is all about:

• Light sativa high with plenty of energy.
• Cross between Thai and Jamaican strains.


Additional Considerations:

This award-winning Sativa strain is a popular one. That’s because it’s packed with feel-good effects. It’ll leave you feeling happy, giggly, euphoric, and uplifted. It might also spark your creativity as well! That’s why this strain is great for those battling depression, excess stress, fatigue, headaches, and chronic pain.

Made by Canada’s Best Derivatives, this budder is as pure and clean as it gets. 


Canada’s Best Derivatives Delivers Quality at Herb 2 Home

Years of experience makes Canada’s Best Derivatives brand one of the top trusted brands Canada has to offer. They work with local farmers in the British Columbia lower mainland to ensure a large selection of flowers. This allows them to maintain strict quality control.

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