Canada’s Best Derivatives, Diamonds – Sweet Pink

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What Sweet Pink is all about:

Indica-dominant hybrid strain.
• Cross between Pink Champagne and F4 Blueberry.
Grape bubblegum flavour.
• Can cause the munchies.

Additional Considerations:

is characterized by grape bubblegum flavours, this strain has a unique terpene profile thanks to its unique genetics. It’s also been said to have hints of fruit and somewhat earthy undertones. Sweet Pink has been known to spark feelings of happiness and euphoria, offering a blissful and spacey high.


Canada’s Best Derivatives Delivers Quality at Herb 2 Home

Enjoy the amazing effects of the most potent cannabis product online. Source only the purest products at Herb 2 Home, like Sweet Pink Diamonds from Canada’s Best Derivatives. Following a unique extraction process, Diamonds are the most potent cannabis gems you’ll find on the market. They take longer to create, but that’s because they are the purest form of THC-A you can find. 

Years of experience makes Canada’s Best Derivatives brand one of the top trusted brands  Canada has to offer. They work with local farmers in the British Columbia lower mainland to ensure a large selection of flowers. This allows them to maintain strict quality control.

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