Canada’s Best Derivatives – Live Resin – Jack Herer

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What Jack Herer Live Resin is all about:

Sativa dominant hybrid strain
• Crossed with a Haze hybrid, Northern Lights #5, and Shiva Skunk


What Does Canada’s Best Derivatives Jack Herer Live Resin Offer?

Live Resin has the same attributes as any other “live” concentrate. The plant matter is flash frozen immediately after it is cut down. By freezing it right away the terpenes are preserved beautifully as the plant is not given the time to dry or cure. Because the plant is frozen right way and is not given the time to cure or dry the terpenes are preserved beautifully.  This Jack Herer Live Resin from Canada’s Best Derivative’s will prove just that.

Jack Herer is typically known to give users a blissful, clear-headed and creative high.



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