Canada’s Best Derivatives – Live Resin – Purple Punch

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Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid
Pros:  Relaxing,  Mood Booster
Cons:  Dry Mouth, Sleepy


What Purple Punch is all about:

Indica-dominant hybrid strain
Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple Cross
•  Combats Insomnia, depression and headaches 



What is Live Resin?

Live Resin has the same attributes as any other “live” concentrate. The plant matter is flash frozen immediately after it is cut down. By freezing it right away the terpenes are preserved beautifully as the plant is not given the time to dry or cure. This process leads to high quality, flavourful concentrates. What other concentrates lack in flavour, Live Resin makes up for it!

What Does Canada’s Best Derivatives Purple Punch  Live Resin Offer?

This live resin live’s up to it’s name! When you unscrew the cap the aroma from this strain offers a powerful Punch!

Try out this beautiful and delicious strain today and tell us what you think!


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