Habibi Imported Moroccan hash

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Flavour: Spicy, earthy
Aroma: Sweet


What Habibi Imported Moroccan Hash is all about:

Smooth, relaxing experience.
Spicy taste with a sweet aftertaste.
• Habibi means ‘My Love


Additional Considerations:

Lovingly crafted by expert hash connoisseurs, this hash is the cream of the crop. Habibi Imported Moroccan hash has a spicy, earthy flavor that’s complemented with a sweet aftertaste and aroma. Habibi hash is incredibly smooth and gives a relaxed high that you’ll love.

Morocco is known as the largest producer of high-quality hash products, after all. Habibi translates to ‘My Love’ or ‘My Darling’, which helps to sum up the care and attention to detail that goes into every ounce of Habibi Imported Moroccan hash.

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