Mercedes Hash

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Flavour: Spicy, smooth
Aroma: Spicy, earthy


What Mercedes Hash is all about:

Light, smooth taste with spicy, earthy aroma.
Mid-level strength.
Light, relaxing, and talkative high.
• Perfect for daytime use.
Soft and malleable, with dark brown surface and light brown interior.


Additional Considerations:

Mercedes Hash is highly-sought thanks to its smooth taste and rich flavors. Often referred to as Black Hash, it’s known for its quality, texture, and color. You’ll love the spicy smell and light taste. This hash offers a pleasant and relaxing high that’s also relatively light. It has mid-level strength, which makes Mercedes Hash a great option for daytime pain management. Mercedes Black Hash has a dark brown surface with a light brown interior. It’s soft, flexible consistency makes it easy to work with.

This product is best consumed in a bong or pipe. It can also be rolled in with some of your favorite buds or added to edibles. Mercedes Hash lets off an earthy, resinous smoke that has a great aftertaste. The high you get is also light and talkative, allowing you to go about your day without issue.

Hash has been used for thousands of years but is often overlooked in today’s varied market. It contains a higher concentration of THC than most buds and can easily be added to your favorite edible recipe. If you’re an avid cannabis user who enjoys the rich aromatic scent of smoking, this popular hash will be a great treat for your senses.

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