Shatter – AK-47

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Black Label

Our black label products are unbranded which allows us to sell them for a discounted price! If you are looking for a cheaper option this is a great choice for you! Our black label shatter is individually packaged in 1g increments in food grade transparent terp papers inside of matte black unbranded envelopes.


• Budder Spots
• Merky
• Tacky

What AK-47 Strain is all about:

• Sativa-dominant strain.
• Cross between ColombianMexicanThai, and Afghani variants.
• Energetic and creative high that finishes with light drowsiness.
• Anti-anxiety and anti-insomnia properties, coupled with pain relief.
• Useful to help curb depression, nausea, and appetite loss.

Additional Considerations:

Ak-47 offers a long-lasting cerebral buzz that leaves you on top of your game. You’ll be mentally alertultra-creative, and ready to engage in all your social activitiesCouch lock does tend to set in at higher doses, however. The high you’ll get from AK-47 will leave you upliftedeuphoric, and peaceful.

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