Shatter – Blue Dream

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Black Label

Our black label products are unbranded which allows us to sell them for a discounted price! If you are looking for a cheaper option this is a great choice for you! Our black label shatter is individually packaged in 1g increments in food grade transparent terp papers inside of matte black unbranded envelopes.


• Budder Spots
• Light
• Stable

What Blue Dream Strain is all about:

• Slightly Sativa-dominant strain that’s mostly balanced.
• Cross between Blueberry and Haze.
• Focused and energetic high.
• Deep relaxation as your high tapers off.

Additional Considerations:

Blue Dream delivers a cerebral rush that leaves you motivated and focused. As the high continues, you’ll fall into an ultra-relaxed state that completely calms your body and mind. The effects of Blue Dream will leave you pain-free and ready to make the most of your day. It’s a great option for those with muscle spasmschronic painchronic fatiguedepression, or lack of appetite. Blue Dream diamonds will get your body moving and lift your spirits.

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