Shatter – Slurricane

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Black Label

Our black label products are unbranded which allows us to sell them for a discounted price! If you are looking for a cheaper option this is a great choice for you! Our black label shatter is individually packaged in 1g increments in food grade transparent terp papers inside of matte black unbranded envelopes.


• Dark
• Stable

What Slurricane Strain is all about:

• Indica dominant hybrid
• Chronic Pain Relief
• Sedating and euphoric

Additional Considerations:

Slurricane is the perfect combination of the indica body high and sativas flavorful aroma, remaining an indica dominant hybrid. Slurricane gives a powerful body high, and extremely euphoric mindset, making this a useful tool in treating chronic pain and depression. The perfect night time strain to ease you into slumber.


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