BC Nectar, Shatter – Dutch Treat

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Type: Hybrid (Indica-dominant)
Flavour: Piny, tart
Aroma: Berries, fruit
Pros: Anti-insomnia, anti-anxiety
Cons: Drowsiness, tingling sensation, light pressure in forehead


What Crown Royale is all about:

Indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a kick of high-quality CBD.
• Crowne Royale is a cross between Blueberry and Purple Kush.
Blueberry influence with undertones of tart flavours and fruity aromas.


Additional Considerations:

This strain features a floral character that brightens up your taste buds. Upon exhale, you’ll notice the brilliant flavors of grape lingering on your palate as you sit back and enjoy the effects of this Indica strain. Enjoy this strain at night as you melt away to dreamland with a fulfilling, deep sleep.

Often referred to as a creeper, this strain takes several minutes to kick in. You’ll love the full-body effects of this strain as it stimulates your mind and relaxes your body.


Medical Benefits of Cannabis CBD

When it comes to medical use, the benefits of this strain can numb your aches and pains for sure. Used to treat both chronic and temporary injuries and medical conditions, the anti-inflammatory properties of Crown Royale are great for patients suffering a variety of conditions. From fibromyalgia and arthritis to headaches and nausea, you can soothe your body and mind with this strain of shatter.

In addition to its positive effects on pain and inflammation, Crown Royale can provoke hunger, making it a great option for those with a lack of appetite or undergoing treatments like chemotherapy. It’s even a great form of treatment for stubborn cases of insomnia. While it’s not the right choice is you’re looking to plow through your to-do list and have a productive afternoon, it delivers a great mental stimulation for passive aesthetic experiences.

A Higher Level of Quality When You Shop Herb 2 Home for Your Cannabis CBD Products

Herb 2 Home was founded by a team of professionals that have a passion for the products we sell. Our brand was built on a strong belief in what we deliver and years of experience with the products we sell. We know first hand that there are major physical and mental benefits of using cannabis products. We didn’t just want to share our experience, we also wanted to bring more to the customers we serve.

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Crowne Royale delivers a cerebral high that will slowly take over your system. The full-body buzz is strong and energizing. Since the strain is difficult to come by, we’re proud to carry Crown Royale at Herb 2 Home.

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