BC Nectar, Shatter – Hawaiian Delight

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Type: Hybrid (Indica-dominant)
Flavour: Earthy, pungent
Aroma: Musky, sweet
Pros: Energetic, mood elevator, pain relief
Cons: Drowsiness and/or anxiety at higher doses


What Hawaiian Delight is all about:

Indica-dominant strain.
• Strong, musky aroma with a pleasant aftertaste.
• Relatively strong psychoactive high that leaves you feeling euphoric.
• Crosses Hawaiian, Afghan, and Skunk.


Additional Considerations:

Hawaiian Delight is an excellent strain of shatter for those looking to kick back and relax after a long day. After a few puffs, you’ll get the happy high you need to chill out. While most users feel uplifted and talkative after a few hits, you can also achieve a more sedative high at higher doses.

There’s nothing lightweight about this delightful shatter. This strain will leave you feeling joyful and bubbly, providing the perfect treatment options for those with depression, and stress. Hawaiian Delight can also help ease muscle tension, relieve aches and pains, and combat chronic fatigue or insomnia.


Hawaiian Delight Delivers the Ultimate Experience With the Fastest Absorbing Shatter Canada Has Available

In addition to the opposing effects that are both energizing and sedating, Hawaiian Delight is an excellent strain. Its benefits include fighting nausea or increasing appetite. All in all, the balanced high you get from this amazing shatter deliver an outstanding experience.

BC Nectar labs use a fully food-grade extraction process to produce the cleanest, smoothest shatter on the market. Additionally, Herb 2 Home works directly with the team at BC Nectar. This helps us keep our prices low and our customers happy.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very clear and works as advertised and has a great taste

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