BC Nectar, Shatter – Sunshine Coast Express

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Type: Hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
Flavour: Sweet, earthy
Aroma: Fruity, citrus
Pros: Anti-anxiety, pain relief, appetite stimulant
Cons: Light pressure felt in forehead


What Sunshine Coast Express is all about:

Sativa-dominant hybrid.
• Cross between Sunshine and Pineapple Express.
• One of the most popular strains in Canada.


Additional Considerations:

Sweet citrus flavors complement Sunshine’s tropical theme. You’ll feel uplifted as you ease your pain, nausea, and/or issues with appetite. If you’re looking for a happy high, you’ll love the energy of this strain that’s best at helping patients overcome stress and depression.

The high you get from this premium-grade shatter kicks in fast. Initial effects can be felt around the different pressure points in your face. As these effects subside, you’ll love the positive mindset you experience as you let go of anxiety and combat depression. In the right setting, Sunshine Express is the perfect scenario to tackle your day!


BC Nectar Labs Brings You the Best Shatter Canada Can Deliver

Using a full, food-grade extraction process, BC Nectar labs create a product that’s both clean and smooth. Delivering one of the best shatter products you can find online. By working directly with the BC Nectar labs, we don’t just keep costs low. We ensure the highest level of quality when you buy products like the Sunshine Express shatter.

You’ll love the fresh smell of apple and mango as you indulge in the sweet taste of pineapple followed by earthy tastes of pine and cedar. Known for its smooth descent, the effects of this popular shatter peacefully taper off instead of crashing down. You’ll love the mildly relaxing physical state you get as the high wears off.

The uplifting vibes you get from Sunshine Express have amazingly positive psychological effects, fighting the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. If you love Sativa dominant strains, you have to try the Sunshine Express.

Take Home the Best Shatter Canada Has Available

When you shop with Herb 2 Home, you get the highest quality cannabis products delivered right to your door. Take advantage of our convenient online store and faster shipping options with a brand that’s fully committed to the ultimate customer experience. 

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