Canada’s Best Derivatives, Shatter – Congo

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Type: Hybrid (Sativa-dominant)
Flavour: Honey, strawberry
Aroma: Light, berries
Pros: Energetic, anti-anxiety, mood elevation
Cons: Not great for nighttime use


What Congo is all about:

Sativa-heavy strain with two Congolese strains in the mix.
• Cross between Bangi Congo, Congo #3, and Pakistan Chitral Kush.
Energetic, stimulating effects.
• Great for enhancing mood and combating depression.


Additional Considerations:

Congo delivers a clean, pure high that’ll put a smile on your face. If you’re looking for a product that is packed with positive energy, the stimulating effects of this euphoric mix will lift you up. The uplifting effects of Congo make it a great option if you’re looking to improve your mood throughout the day. Combat depression and overcome lethargic feelings while maintaining the energy to get things done with this impressive strain.


Canada’s Best Derivatives Delivers Quality at Herb 2 Home

Years of experience makes Canada’s Best Derivatives brand one of the top trusted brands  Canada has to offer. They work with local farmers in the British Columbia lower mainland to ensure a large selection of flowers. This allows them to maintain strict quality control.

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