Shatter – Silver Haze

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Black Label

Our black label products are unbranded which allows us to sell them for a discounted price! If you are looking for a cheaper option this is a great choice for you! Our black label shatter is individually packaged in 1g increments in food grade transparent terp papers inside of matte black unbranded envelopes.


• Stable/Snaps
• Merky/Spots of Buddering

What the Silver Haze Strain is all about:

Type: Sativa
Flavour: Minty, Pine
Aroma: Spicy, Citrus
Pros: Relief from nausea, or lack of appetite
Cons: Paranoia, dry mouth

• THC Levels between 20%-24%
• Excellent for managing mood disorders, depression and anxiety
• Day time strain with little, to no burn out period

Additional Considerations:

Silver Haze gets the name from it’s amazing appearance, frosted in trichomes giving these buds a silver tinge. Crossing northern lights with haze created this powerhouse strain helping aid the growers from the issues of haze strains, while keeping the flavor and potency. Energetic, clear headed and creative the perfect day time strain with a cerebral high.

Amazing Medical Benefits from the Best BC Dispensary Online

Ease tension and get the relief you need from chronic pain, insomnia, and nausea. Only a small amount goes a long way as this high slowly creeps across your body.

If you’re looking for a strain that’ll help you relax, this is a great evening option for you. But don’t expect to be overly social and don’t plan to be productive.  Silver Haze has the power to put insomniacs to sleep or cheer up a bad case of depression. Its other medicinal uses include pain management and appetite stimulation.

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