AAA Monkey Massacre


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Batch: October 27, 2023

Bud Size: Medium – Large

Characteristics: Dense Buds, lots of crystal

Nose Strength: Medium – Strong

Aromas: Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Gas, Orange, Peppery, Sour, Woody

Recommended For: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Stress

Effects:Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Sleepy, Sociable, Uplifting

THC:  26%
CBD:  0%


AAA Monkey Massacre

Monkey Massacre Strain Description

Monkey Massacre is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Original Glue X Professor Moriarty strains.

A pretty balanced hybrid with a gorgeous sticky appearance, Monkey Massacre is perfect for any indica lover.

This bud has beautifully fat and oversized forest green spade-shaped nugs with minty undertones, thick orange hairs and a sparkling coating of minty white trichomes dripping with sweet, sticky resin.

As you pull apart each glittering little nugget, aromas of spicy diesel and sour, citrusy oranges are released, intensifying with tanginess the more that you toke.

The Monkey Massacre high will instantly take out any bad moods or racing thoughts, wiping your mind and replacing it with a heady, happy sense. You’ll be sociable and outgoing although not able to focus on much of anything or carry a conversation. Rather, you’ll fall in and out of fits of the giggles and super creative, philosophical thought.

With these effects and its high 18-28% average THC level, Monkey Massacre is often chosen to treat depression, chronic pain, mood swings, chronic stress or PTSD and insomnia.

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