Bloom Mushroom Gummies – 1500mg


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Bloom Mushroom Gummy 1500mg

This 1500mg pack includes assorted flavours.

Single-sourced, farm-direct, PENIS ENVY mushrooms are used in all Bloom Edibles for potency, quality, and consistency you can trust.

Wake up your taste buds with BLOOMco’s blueberry lemon gummies. This mouthwatering option is made with real lemon juice and natural blueberry flavours. A perfect treat for all you fruit lovers out there.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your performance, unleash your creative genius, trip…(you know), or discover the many therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms, Blooms’ lemon- tek psilocybin gummies are designed specifically to enhance your day-your way. By lemon-tekking our psilocybin we ensure that each experience is smooth, stackable, nausea-free, and consistent in duration, so you’re free to choose how you want to tackle the next thing coming your way.

For your peace of mind, our products are all lab tested and community reviewed. Microdose cutting template included.

*Note: Lemon-tekking can lead to a faster, shorter, and sometimes more intense experience. Start with lower doses until you know how it will affect you.


Micro-dosing: Use the micro-dose cutting template on the back of your package to create eight doses of .187g of psilocybin per serving. Increase dosage as needed. For therapeutic benefits, micro-dose daily for 2-3 days in a row, rest for two days, and repeat.

What is Lemon-Tekking?

The lemon tek method of consuming magic mushrooms can shorten a trip’s duration and decrease nausea, but can also make the whole experience more intense. Lemon tek refers to letting your dose of psilocybin mushrooms sit in lemon or lime juice before consumption—essentially cooking them as the citric acid starts to break down the mushroom material. This method is known to decrease nausea and body load, and to shorten and fundamentally change the experience.

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