Moroccan Blonde Hash (AAAA)


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Ketama Gold Morrocan Hash

Imported from a famous region of Ketema Moroccco this is an old school favourite. The aroma is fine and perfumed with a bit of a soft cocoa bean scent.  The flavor is so nice and enjoyable, you wanna keep toking it right down to the end.

The effects are somewhat subdued, relaxed and day-dreamy. This is a great hash to smoke for those who like the feelings of fine polms but yearn for something a little stronger.

If you want to try one of the best hash in the world, Moroccan Hash is one. Ketama, Morocco, is one of the best hash producing regions in the world creating serious competition between Afghan and Arabic cannabis production as well as surrounding Moroccan hashish producing regions.

Enjoy the full benefits of Indica with this 100% Indica cannabis strain, derived from Northern Morocco. This cannabis strain has been adapted to fit European growing conditions, making its way from Kif country in Morocco to the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. The 100% Indica makeup of Ketama kush produces relaxing effects and can act as an effective treatment for pain. Users report an incredible, euphoric high, encouraging a positive, uplifted feeling due to the high level of THC in this great hash.

Ketama is a good hash for certain medical uses such as treating chronic pain, muscle spasms, headaches and migraines. The Ketama cannabis strain features dense nugs with a deep olive green hue. The signature “Ketama Gold” title is coined due to the unique bright yellow trichomes, which run through the strain. While using Ketama Gold Moroccan Hash, customers report a sweet, earthy taste with notes of pine. This hashish boasts a beautiful, earthy, floral aroma, indicative of its flavour.

About the product

In cannabis production, this hashish product is made by extracting kief and trichomes from the cannabis plant, and tightly pressing these elements together. The Moroccan hashish end product may be dark or light brown, or olive green. Whether you choose to consume this great hash with the help of hot knives, or you crumble it into a joint, users will enjoy their hashish experience like Moroccan King Hassan himself.

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