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What Bubba is all about:

Heavy Indica strain.
• Highly relaxing and sedative, but still suitable for daytime use.
Chocolate and coffee flavours.
• Average of 15% to 22% THC.


Additional Considerations:

Bubba is an Indica strain that gained popularity thanks to its heavily tranquilizing effects. You will absolutely love the chocolate and coffee flavours that light up your palate when you breathe in this heavy strain. Let the powerful and relaxing effects of Bubba as they soothe you from head to toe. You’ll love the way it puts your body at ease, relaxes your muscles, and covers your mind with a blanket of calming euphoria.

Originally bred in Los Angeles, California, this United States born strain delivers a solid, sedative high that relaxes your entire body. While it does have a high THC content, delivering between 15% and 22%THC, it’s still an option if you need to be functional.


The Easiest Way to Deliver the Best Vape Oil in Canada

When it comes to convenience, you will love how easy it is to get your daily dose with Connoisseur’s disposable vape pens. Unlike a normal vape, there are no chargers, replacement cartridges, or batteries required to indulge in your favorite strain.

Simply grab your vape pen, hit the road, and enjoy a quick hit no matter where you are! It’s all about convenience and more discreet than bulkier vapes that need space for a battery pack.



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