Canada’s Best Derivatives – 1g Distillate – Various Flavours


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Canada’s Best Derivatives – 1g Distillate – Various Flavours

What Canada’s Best Derivative’s Distillate is all about:

Pure, solvent-free cannabis oil.
98% THC levels.
• Clear, golden in colour.
• Can be smoked, vaped, or added to food, drink, and topical creams.


Additional Considerations:

Herb 2 Home is stocked with cannabis products that don’t just work great, but ones that taste great too. This edible THC oil distillate from Canada’s Best Derivatives is made from only the best food-grade solvents and stainless steel equipment, resulting in products of exceptional quality. If you are searching for the best edible oil on the market, you’ve come to the right place.

Canada’s Best Derivatives Blue Raspberry THC Distillate delivers THC levels of at least 95%. This is made possible thanks to unique decarboxylation methods used to produce it. The result is the purest, cleanest THC oil, packed with awesome flavors that you’re sure to fall in love with. Combat all the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain with this great-tasting THC oil.


Canada’s Best Derivatives Delivers Quality at Herb 2 Home

Years of experience makes Canada’s Best Derivatives brand one of the top trusted brands Canada has to offer. They work with local farmers in the British Columbia lower mainland to ensure a large selection of flowers. This allows them to maintain strict quality control.

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Raw, Butterscotch, Bubblegum, Blueberry, Banana, Black Cherry, Coconut, Melon, Root Beer, Strawberry, Vanilla, Watermelon


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