Disposable Vape Pen – Tangie


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Each Vape Contains:

  • .5g of THC Distillate

What Tangie is all about:

Sativa Dominant Hybrid strain.
• Uplifting, Creative
Citrus Flavours
•  19-22% THC

Additional Considerations:

Tangie is Sativa Dominant Hybrid strain, bred by crossing a Skunk strain and California Orange, it is a remake of Tangerine Dream. It’s citrus heritage is unmistakable in its aroma and flavour. If you are a citrus fan, this vape is a great choice for you.  This strain will leave you feeling happy and creative, while in experiencing a strong sense of euphoria.


The Easiest Way to Deliver the Best Distillate in Canada

When it comes to convenience, you will love how easy it is to get your daily dose with these beautiful vape pens. Unlike a normal vape, there are no chargers, replacement cartridges, or batteries required to indulge in your favorite strain.

Simply grab your vape pen, hit the road, and enjoy a quick hit no matter where you are! It’s all about convenience and more discreet than bulkier vapes that need space for a battery pack.



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