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Finding the right CBD oil product for you and your lifestyle doesn’t have to be a tricky process and we plan to break down exactly what you should be looking for when you’re browsing for CBD oil products to fit your needs as well as your lifestyle. CBD oil is a perfect alternative to prescription medicines and has a lot of outstanding medicinal benefits as well. For those wondering how to get CBD oil in Canada or where to buy weed online in Canada, Herb 2 Home is your best choice in an online dispensary and we take pride in our ability to offer much more than your average weed store.

To help you make the right choice we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite CBD oil products, starting with a quick rundown of everything you need to consider in order to make an informed choice. Herb 2 Home has made a name for itself as the best place where you can buy CBD oil in Canada and we’ve got you covered no matter what your needs happen to be.


Important CBD Oil Considerations


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There are plenty of things to keep in mind when determining what CBD oil products are best for you. These include why you’re taking CBD oil, as well as a number of other factors including, but not necessarily limited to, what time of day you’re taking CBD, your dosage requirements, your age, body type, weight and overall state of health. Every CBD oil product has its own advantages and drawbacks that we’ll cover in-depth as we unpack each type of CBD oil product in further detail.


11. CBD vs THC


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As we mentioned earlier, CBD is most definitely not the same as THC. CBD is only one of a wealth of known cannabinoids, around 113 of which are found naturally in the cannabis plant. Hemp plants also contain CBD, but don’t produce THC like cannabis does. While CBD does increase the effects of THC when the two are ingested together, each can be taken on its own, with THC producing a psychoactive effect and CBD being used solely as a medicine that allows you to alleviate a wide range of symptoms without experiencing the same effects that THC has on the body.


10. CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil


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Hemp seed oil, also known as cannabis sativa seed oil, is a cold-pressed oil derived from hemp that is high in antioxidants, along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. CBD oil, on the other hand, is used medicinally to alleviate inflammation and treat seizures and sleep disorders, as well as many other problems. The two can be combined, but we feel we should point out the fact that hemp seed oil does not contain any CBD and does not offer the same medicinal benefits.


9. CBD vs Prescription Medicines


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There is still a lot of work to do when it comes to investigating and testing just how effective is as a medicine, but what we know so far is that it has amazing medicinal properties without producing the negative side effects that prescription medicines do. The side effects from most prescription drugs can be seriously harmful if they aren’t taken exactly as prescribed, with CBD oil’s side effects are minimal at best, with some patients reporting slight nausea or fatigue. This is why many people prefer to use CBD oil instead of traditional prescription medicine; with less side effects to worry about you can focus on treating what’s ailing you with no fear of causing further issues for yourself.


8. CBD Isolates vs Full-Spectrum CBD


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When it comes right down to it, full-spectrum CBD oil can contain many of the other terpenes and cannabinoids that are also present in cannabis, which isn’t always preferable for everyone. CBD isolates, on the other hand, have been refined so that they only include pure CBD oil on its own. If you hope to avoid all the side effects that other cannabinoids present then CBD isolates are definitely the way to go. Pure CBD oil is also colorless and odorless, which some people find will find more appealing than a full-spectrum CBD oil. That being said, if you don’t mind ingesting a little THC along with your CBD you can still safely purchase a full-spectrum CBD oil that offers a mix of the two.


7. Types of CBD Oil Products


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Choosing the right CBD product is all about working out exactly what you’re hoping to gain by taking CBD. Products that contain CBD include dried cannabis and vaporizers, which are inhaled. You can also opt for capsules, tinctures, topicals, extracts, CBD food products, and even CBD drink powders that are ingested orally or topically, alleviating the stress on your respiratory system that comes from smoking or vaping. Many dispensaries in Canada, like Herb 2 Home, also provide CBD oil bath & body products like bath bombs. Determining what products are right for you comes down to personal preference.


6. Onset Time & Dosage


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Each type of product has its own average onset time and this is affected for the most part by the way in which they are ingested. Users who inhale CBD oil products will experience effects more quickly and find that those effects generally wear off sooner. This is because both CBD and THC are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream through the lungs. On the flip side, products that require oral ingestion will usually take longer to absorb due to the fact that they must first be digested and then passed through the liver before they can start going to work.

Many people also wonder how long CBD oil is supposed to last. If you’re hoping to produce a long-lasting CBD effect that lasts all day long, a number of smaller doses spaced throughout the day are recommended over taking one or two large doses in the morning or the evening. Most of the effects produced by CBD oil products can be expected to last between four to eight hours, depending on dosage, method of ingestion, and your body type. If you take CBD oil on a regular basis your body will build up a tolerance over time, necessitating a larger dose. In addition to tolerance levels, people with a larger build will usually have to ingest more CBD in order to achieve the same effects when compared to people who weigh less.


5. Bioavailability


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If you want to get the most bang for your buck when buying CBD oil products then paying attention to bioavailability will help you achieve this more readily. It goes without saying that products with a higher bioavailability will be more potent than one with less and this can also affect onset time as well. A prime example is the fact that nanoemulsified CBD oils will generally have two times the bioavailability compared to other CBD oil products with the same price tag.


4. Lifestyle


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This plays a part in choosing the right CBD oil product because it affects how often you will be able to take each dose and how travel-friendly a product is. If, for example, you opt to take one dose in the morning and one in the evening, we recommend looking into CBD oil tinctures. If, however, you choose to take CBD oil throughout the day and are usually on-the-go, CBD capsules will be much easier to carry around with you and take as needed without getting in the way of your daily activities. Capsules are also less prone to breaking if you’re more physically active.


3. Additional Active Ingredients


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There are many CBD oil products that include additional active ingredients that can heighten their benefits in a big way. Many CBD oil products, for example, also contains MCT oil, which is naturally found in coconut and palm oils. Some of its effects include helping to promote weight loss, reducing lactate build-up, fighting yeast or bacterial growth, and reducing the risk of heart disease, among many others. MCT oil is also known to help certain patients manage epilepsy, alzheimer’s, diabetes, and autism more effectively.


2. Drug Testing Requirements


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If you get drug tested for your job or other important activities, you should keep in mind that the presence of CBD oil in your system may end up being flagged and mistaken for THC or other cannabinoids that may or may not be legal or acceptable. This can potentially cause unnecessary problems and is worth paying attention to when choosing to use products that contain CBD oil.


1. Drug Interactions & Side Effects


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While CBD oil is considered to be non-reactive and has minimal side effects, there is always the potential for it to interact with other important drugs that you are taking. If you are currently taking prescription drugs, especially for serious medical conditions, it is worth talking to your doctor just to double-check whether or not CBD oil products are the right choice for you. It has been known to decrease the effectiveness of anti-seizure drugs like clobazam and can also affect voltage-dependent sodium and potassium channels in the body, which can affect neural activity.


Herb 2 Home CBD Oil Product Reviews


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When it comes to finding the best online dispensary for your CBD oil products in Canada, Herb 2 Home has a suite of products that are perfect for every discerning patient. Whether you prefer to use products that are smoked and vaped or opt for oral and topical treatments, we have something for everyone and ensure that all of our high quality CBD oil products are top-notch.


Nectar Botanicals Medicated Pain Balm



Best CBD Oil-Infused Topical Product

This Medicated Pain Balm, made by Nectar Botanicals, is infused with THC and CBD, making this product great for relieving pain caused by arthritis, cramping, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, and much more!


Canada’s Best Derivatives THC Distillate


Best Food-Grade THC Distillate Product

Canada’s Best Derivatives strives to produce the cleanest, easy smoking concentrates on the market today. They successfully achieve this by using the purest food grade solvents and stainless steel equipment. With many years of experience behind them they are among the top trusted concentrates producers in Canada today. CBD works with many farmers in the BC lower mainland to insure a large selection of flowers to maintain strict quality control.


Connoisseur CO2 Oil Disposable Pen


con single e1559775406388

Best Disposable Oil Vape Pen Product

Made by some of the best in the business in BC, Connoisseur CO2 oil is second to none. No chargers, additional cartridges, or separate batteries are required to vaporize and enjoy their Connoisseur oils.


BC Nectars Shatter


Best Food-Grade Extraction Shatter Product

BC Nectar labs use a fully food grade extraction process to produce the cleanest and smoothest shatter in Canada that you can find online today. They work directly with the best labs, which helps them keep the price low without sacrificing quality.


Infused Botanicals Bath Bombs


BB SD Mix1

Best CBD Oil Bath and Body Product

These special Bath Bombs are infused with full spectrum cannabis oil. Not only do they make for an unbelievably calming and relaxed bath but fantastic for the skin, too.


Valley Farms Shatter

Best Medical-Grade Shatter Product

Located in the Fraser Valley of BC, Valley Farms Extracts are among the top extract and shatter producers in Canada. V.F.E. only process material grown in their own medical facilities. By doing this they can assure their customers are getting the cleanest product available.


Final Thoughts


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Now that you know everything that goes into choosing the right CBD oil product for you, be sure to check out Herb 2 Home online dispensary’s line of products and treat yourself with only the best Canadian cannabis and CBD oil products on the market. Herb 2 Home delivers nationwide, with same day shipping to Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, and Abbotsford in British Columbia. We cater to the most discerning Canadian consumers and make a point of offering a range of products to help you find the ones that are best for you.


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