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By GSEO December 17, 2020

You probably know that there are different kinds of cannabis, derived from three different strains, Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid (which varies depending on the balance of Sativa and Indica), in potencies from AA to AAAA. If you want to begin exploring the world of concentrates, there are also some options available.

Your choices are based on some factors you should consider, the strain used to make the concentrate, the characteristics of the concentrate, and how the concentrate was made.

Start by thinking about what sort of effect you’re looking for and then talk to us. We know what strain to base it on and all about the makeup of the concentrate itself.

Cannabis concentrates comprise hundreds of products for all sorts of applications, from oils to creams. The process of making a concentrate involves deriving the desirable compounds (mostly cannabinoids and terpenes), from all the other components of the cannabis flowers. What you end up with is the most concentrated form of those compounds, the components that you normally associate with great bud—an intense high and great flavour.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates can be smoked, vaped, tinctured, or dabbed. However, you choose to consume them, know that they are a concentrated form of cannabis and so, you should proceed accordingly. Whichever form of concentrate you choose, your choice should be based on knowing more about each of them, how they’re made, and how you’d consume them. Largely the look and feel don’t necessarily determine the effect, flavour, or potency. Here are examples of just a few:

Hash: The original concentrate. Before extraction technology became so advanced, there was hash. Over the millennia there have been several ways developed to produce hash. It can be made by compressing Kief into a disk or puck, or it is also made with ice water and is then sifted to collect the extract.

Oil: These are concentrates produced with CO2 instead of butane. This delineation describes their viscosity. The most likely way that oils are consumed is with vape pens. The CO2 process retains more terpenes than the BHO process because it doesn’t require as high a temperature. Oils are very commonly used for edibles, specifically of the CBD variety.

Rosin: Rosin is made with heat and pressure instead of a solvent, like butane. Heat and pressure are applied to the Kief, the buds, or the trim to remove the resin. High-grade rosin requires hydraulics. Terpene-loving users prefer this concentrate because solvents aren’t used and much of the flavour and character of the plant are retained.

Wax: The consistency of this concentrate is much like candle wax, thus the name. A dabbing tool is a good way to handle wax due to its stickiness. Either a rig or a vaporizer is the delivery system of preference. The viscosity of wax has mostly to do with the extraction process. It can take on a crumbly consistency or one more like honey or molasses. Gooier waxes are mostly referred to as budder, and more brittle waxes are referred to as honeycomb or crumble.

Shatter: The term shatter has much to do with the glass-like consistency and the fact that it can shatter into pieces when broken apart. This form of concentrate is considered one of the purest. It is frequently amber, translucent, hard and brittle… sort of like hard candy. Butane is the main extraction solvent in this process, plus extra filtration to ensure its purity and potency.

The Cannabis Concentrate Advantage

Because of the precision of current extraction processes, cannabis concentrates are a very predictable and powerful way to consume cannabis compounds. The bioavailability, or the rate at which the human body absorbs these compounds and so feels the effects, is more immediate. The effects from concentrates can last for as much as 3 hours, depending on your toleration levels.

Herb2Home Concentrates on Bringing Herb to Your Home

Concentrates are a great option for either those medical patients who want a precise dose without lighting up or for those recreational users who want a high dose and are particular about potency. At Herb2Home, whether you want to buy hash, rosin, or shatter, we want to know our clients and provide them with what is perfect for their needs. We concentrate on bringing you the best concentrate as easily and conveniently as possible.

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