• Sale! Bentley Hash

    Bentley Hash

    Select Options $13.00$1,500.00
  • Sale! Unicorn Hunter Hash

    Unicorn Hunter Hash

    Select Options $12.00$2,800.00
  • Sale! Gold Seal Hash

    Gold Seal Peach n’ Cream Hash

    Select Options $10.00$1,540.00
  • Mary Jane Hash

    Mary Jane Hash

    Select Options $10.00$375.00
  • Sale! Alchemist Afghani Hash

    AAAA+ Alchemist Afghani Hash

    Select Options $15.00$2,780.00
  • Sale! Moroccan Hash

    Lemon Haze Blonde Hash

    Select Options $25.00$510.00
  • Sale! Mazar E Sherif Hash

    AAAA+ Mazar E Sharif Hash (Imported)

    Select Options $20.00$2,850.00
  • Red Lebanese Hash

    Red Lebanese Hash

    Select Options $10.00$2,780.00
  • Polar Bear Hash

    Polar Bear Hash

    Select Options $9.00$1,480.00
  • Gold Seal Blueberry Hash

    Gold Seal Blueberry Hash

    Select Options $10.00$2,580.00
  • Gold Seal Pineapple Express Hash

    Select Options $10.00$2,680.00
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Herb-2-Home Has the Hash

You can get the best hash in Canada from the Herb-2-Home online dispensary. We have everything from Morrocan to Afghani and from Sativa to Indica and everything in-between, all from AA to AAAA. Derived from the resinous trichomes (the gland heads of cannabis plants) our hash is a great example of our experience and expertise.

Hash is the original concentrate; it goes back a long way. The word “hashish” is Arabic, roughly translated to mean “grass.” It was first popularized at around 900 AD. We also go back a long way, not that far, but far enough to have learned quite a bit about the craft of making high-quality hash.

Hash and kief are essentially derived from the same source, it’s just that hash takes it a bit further. Kief is the resin from the trichomes or hairs of the flower. Hash is basically kief that is turned into wax or liquid, making it easier to consume and more versatile in its use.

The Benefit of Hash

Being versatile, hash can be used in a number of ways. It can be consumed orally, infused in a beverage, vaped, or smoked. The effects are much stronger than smoking the cannabis flower. Depending on how it was extracted and the quality of the material of origin, the potency can range from 40% to 80%. It is a more concentrated and refined form of cannabis and so requires less quantity.

Into the Weed

Our hash production starts with the highest quality Sativa and Indica. We currently offer 3 Kings (for more experienced consumers, this is a Sativa-dominant hash with a smooth flavour and light aroma), Chemo (made with high-quality Indica kief, its flavour is of citrus, herbal and pepper), Chocolope (provides a long mellow high, it has a smooth inhale and an explosion of flavour), LSD Sift (is Indica dominant with a long-lasting, psychedelic and cerebral high), Mercedes (is of midlevel strength, with a smooth taste and a spicy, earthy aroma), Strawberry Banana (is an Indica heavy hybrid that provides a long-lasting high and an over-all appealing flavour), and Zig-Zag (also known as Lebanese hash, provides a long-lasting high and has a smooth flavour and light aroma). With this kind of selection, we’re pretty sure you’ll find one or more to suit you.

Buy Herb-2-Home’s Hash Online in Canada

Once you go with Herb-2-Home, you’ll soon find out how affordable and easy our online dispensary shopping is. We look for special deals to offer you, and we also have special coupon deals. If you order $199, or more, we ship it to you for free.

At Herb-2-Home we like providing for those we care about. Let us know how we can help you. We pride ourselves on strict quality control. We also enjoy our relationship with our customers and patients. We not only help you make a purchase decision we can be there to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.

Welcome to the family.