BC Nectars – Shatter

    Select Options $22.00
  • Sale! Tom Ford Shatter

    Tom Ford Shatter

    Select Options $55.00$795.00
  • Sale! Zombie Kush Shatter

    Zombie Kush Shatter

    Select Options $55.00$795.00
  • Sale! Valley Farm’s AAAA Durban Poison Shatter

    Valley Farm’s AAAA Durban Poison Shatter (Sativa)

    Select Options $15.00$795.00
  • Sale! Mac 1 Shatter

    MAC1 Shatter

    Select Options $19.99$779.00
  • Sale! Valley Farm’s AAAA Granddaddy Purple Shatter

    Valley Farm’s AAAA Granddaddy Purple Shatter

    Select Options $15.00$795.00
  • Sale! Hawaiian Haze Shatter

    ($149/oz) Hawaiian Haze Shatter

    Select Options $13.00$750.00
  • Canada's Best Derivatives Shatter

    Canada’s Best Derivative’s – Shatter

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  • VALLEY-FARMS-shatter

    Valley Farms Extracts – Shatter

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Buy Shatter Online from Herb-2-Home

One of the many ways to buy cannabis online is a type of product that we offer called Shatter, which is a highly concentrated cannabis extract, and high in THC content. It is made through a butane extraction process, which requires long purging cycles to properly remove the solvents used in the process. Shatter is named for its glass-like quality and breakability. Herb2Home is proud to include this offering in our online dispensary in Canada.

Herb2Home, having a long history of following the strict regulations required for providing medical marijuana, considers itself perfectly positioned to provide you with the safest and purest shatter on the market.

Herb2Home’s Shatter Is a Good Deal More

Our shatter is a good deal and offers a good deal more. We start with the finest Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. Our shatter is a big part of our concentrates offering, which also includes caviar, hash, and CBD isolates. Concentrated cannabis products like shatter offer a more potent effect, as well as a more terpene-rich flavour and aroma than merely smoking the marijuana flower or weed. Our shatter is highly sought after for its quality and purity amongst those more experienced users of cannabis.

Our shatter marijuana concentrate is derived from our extraction of essential oils that contain cannabinoids. Like other extracts, shatter is used by vaporizing or dabbing with the use of a vape pen or a dab rig water pipe. Probably the biggest difference between shatter and other extracts is simply its glass-like quality.

Herb2Home is the Family Business Built on Respect

We consider you to be part of our family. We’ll look out for you by maintaining strict quality control. We want the experience of our customers and patients to be something we are proud of.  We wouldn’t offer you anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Herb2Home is an affordable way to purchase high-quality cannabis products. We have long-term relationships with the best producers in Canada, so we can find some pretty good deals that we can pass on to you. Look for them on our site, along with helpful coupons. We’ll give you free shipping for purchases over $199.

Welcome to the family.