• Jet Fuel Gelato Strain

    AAA Jet Fuel Gelato (Small Buds)

    Select Options $5.99
    $3.57$5.99 /gm
    (1 ratings)
  • Preroll New2

    AAAA Pre Rolls-Indica (King-size)

    Select Options $15.00$120.00
    $12.00$15.00 /pc
    (4 ratings)
  • Dbsmalls

    AAAA Quad Death Bubba (Small Buds)

    Select Options $7.99
    $4.64$7.99 /gm
    (21 ratings)
  • Mendo BreathStrain

    AAAA Quad Mendo Breath (Small Buds)

    Select Options $6.49$114.99
    $4.11$6.49 /gm
  • Death Bubba Hand Trim

    AAAA+ Hand Trim – Death Bubba

    Select Options $49.99$549.99
    $1.21$1.79 /gm
  • Quadsmalls21500 X 1500

    AAAA+ Quad Pink Kush (Small Buds)

    Select Options $7.00$65.00
    $4.29$7.00 /gm
    (13 ratings)
  • Tom Ford Pink Kush Smalls

    AAAA+ Tom Ford Pink Kush (Small Buds)

    Select Options $8.00$137.50
    $4.91$8.00 /gm
    (2 ratings)
  • Blue Platinum Strain

    Blue Platinum

    Select Options $11.00$215.00
    $7.68$11.00 /gm
    (3 ratings)
  • Bruce Banner1

    Bruce Banner

    Select Options $11.00$215.00
    $7.68$11.00 /gm
    (3 ratings)
  • Crown Royale Strain

    Crown Royale

    Select Options $9.00$175.00
    $6.25$9.00 /gm
  • Death Bubba

    Death Bubba

    Select Options $11.00$215.00
    $7.68$11.00 /gm
    (2 ratings)
  • Diablo2 5


    Select Options $9.00$175.00
    $6.25$9.00 /gm
    (2 ratings)
  • Do Si Dos Strain

    Do-Si-Dos (Small Buds)

    Select Options $6.49$109.99
    $3.93$6.49 /gm
  • G-Code Strain


    Select Options $9.00$175.00
    $6.25$9.00 /gm
  • Grease Monkey

    Grease Monkey

    Select Options $9.00$175.00
    $6.25$9.00 /gm
    (1 ratings)
  • Tom Ford Pink Kush Trim

    Hand Trim AAA – Tom Ford Pink Kush

    Select Options $30.00$350.00
    $0.77$1.07 /gm
    (3 ratings)
  • PinkKush10

    Island Pink

    Select Options $12.00$225.00
    $8.04$12.00 /gm
    (13 ratings)
  • Blueberry Grape Vine

    Kootenayz Exoticz – AAAA Blueberry Grape Vine

    Select Options $12.00$270.00
    $9.64$12.00 /gm
  • Kootenayz Exoticz Trophy Wife

    Kootenayz Exoticz – AAAA Trophy Wife

    Select Options $12.00$270.00
    $9.64$12.00 /gm
  • Hawaiian Haze

    Kootenayz Exoticz – AAAA+ Hawaiian Haze

    Select Options $12.00$275.00
    $9.82$12.00 /gm
  • Mku 6 E1564257810800 2


    Select Options $9.50$180.00
    $6.43$9.50 /gm
    (1 ratings)
  • Purple Punch

    Medi Kush

    Select Options $12.00$225.00
    $8.04$12.00 /gm
    (5 ratings)
  • Orange Cream Cookies Strain

    Orange Cream Cookies (Small Buds)

    Select Options $7.49$114.99
    $4.11$7.49 /gm
  • Newmedi Purpp

    Purple Punch

    Select Options $11.00$215.00
    $7.68$11.00 /gm
    (2 ratings)
  • AAAA Death Bubba Medium Nugs

    Quad Death Bubba (Medium Buds)

    Select Options $9.00$175.00
    $6.25$9.00 /gm
  • rockstar 4


    Select Options $9.00$175.00
    $6.25$9.00 /gm
    (3 ratings)
  • Gorillareshot1 E1566307569244 2

    Super Glue

    Select Options $10.00$210.00
    $7.50$10.00 /gm
    (1 ratings)
  • whiteshark

    White Shark

    Select Options $9.00$175.00
    $6.25$9.00 /gm
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Marijuana has many names. It is also referred to as weed, pot, cannabis, bud, grass, reefer, and our favourite– herb. There are many other names, but no matter what you call it, Herb-2-Home brings you the best.

Technically, cannabis is the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. It contains psychoactive compounds like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and also non-psychoactive therapeutic compounds like CBD (cannabidiol). Today’s weed is categorized by Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

Sativa—a narrower and taller plant with narrower leaves and higher cannabinoid. It is known for a more uplifting euphoric feeling.

Indica—a stockier plant with broader leaves, is best known for its relaxing buzz.

Hybrid, combines Sativa and Indica in varying amounts, depending on the desired effect. With a Hybrid, you can have the pain relief of Indica, and the uplifting creative effect of Sativa, in whatever proportion you need.

Try our quality herb in many forms, from flowers and concentrates to edibles and even bath and body products.

Herb2Home Delivers the Best Bud in Canada

Our quality control process is one we have been using and perfecting over many years. Everything sold on herb2home.net is of the highest quality. We provide quality from A to AAAA, in Sativa, Indica and hybrid strains. And check out our pre-rolls, a handy way to go.

We wouldn’t offer you anything but the best and at the best price possible. We want you to have the quality experience that we have had all these years. Our relationship with our BC growers has lasted a long time and we like to think that, by working together, we have developed the best weed at the best prices anywhere in Canada.

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We have more personal experience with the purity and quality of medical cannabis than anyone. This focus is a big part of our origin. So, it follows that the guidelines we place behind all of our products are just as important.

We deliver more than high-quality weed

We deliver love and respect for our craft, our customers and our patients. We have been in this industry our whole lives and have benefited from medical marijuana personally, as well as with those we love. We couldn’t be more comforted to know that cannabis is now widely considered an acceptable lifestyle. We have personally benefited from its use and would like to share those benefits with you.

We have set up our online dispensary to be easy to use. Everything you need is here. It is easy to shop and easy to purchase.

At Herb2Home, we’d like you to become part of our family. Contact us in Vancouver, we’d love to hear from you.