• Sale! Green Kandy Krack

    ($69/oz) AAA Kinglato

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    AAAA Frosted Flakes

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    AAAA+ Candy Kush by Canna Cabana

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  • AAAA+ Moon Drops Smalls

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  • Reckless Rainbow Smalls -4-2

    AAAA+ Reckless Rainbow

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  • AAA Blue Steel

    Select Options $16.00$30.00
  • Monkey Massacre

    AAA Monkey Massacre

    Select Options $23.00$75.00
  • Hannibal Nectar Strain

    AAA+ Hannibal Nectar

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  • Green Kandy Krack

    AAA+ Green Kandy Krack

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    White Death (AAA+)

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  • Baxter Indica

    Baxter 7 Premium Indica Blunts

    Baxter 7 Premium Indica Blunts
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Get the Herb-2-Home Personal Experience and High-Quality Indica

Join our Herb2Home family and browse through our wide selection of Indica strain cannabis products. No matter which you choose, Herb-2-Home brings you the best. We have cultivated a long-lasting relationship with our BC growers. Together we offer the finest, purest, and highest quality bud in the world.

Indica, a stockier plant with wider, plumper leaves, is known for its therapeutic properties, delivering a relaxing and buzzing experience, a sort of “body high.” Indica is also known to stimulate appetite, is an effective sleep aid, and provides pain relief.

Through our personal family’s experience over the years, we have grown to pay particular attention to quality. Having worked with Indica for so long providing medical marijuana, we pay particular attention to our cultivation process and are key to our origins as a medical marijuana supplier.

We found that certain disorders inhibit patients from being able to relax. Indica reduces the pain or irritation associated with some conditions, allowing you to relax and enjoy a calm time of day. Indica strains are also good for treating anxiety, depression and headaches. Their CBD levels are greater than Sativa, so they are used more for therapeutic purposes than are thee Sativa strains.

Whichever form of cannabis product you choose, we deliver. Our high-quality herb has many forms, from flowers and concentrates to edibles and even bath and body products.

For the Best Indica in Canada, Herb2Home Delivers

Because our family has been focused on the cannabis craft for so many years, we like to think that we have perfected our quality control process. So, when you shop on, you know that everything is the best quality. All of our Indica, and our other strains, ranging from A to AAAA.

Because of our lengthy history of growing our relationships, we’re able to find some pretty great deals. We know that, like a great bottle of wine, there’s nothing like knowing you also found a great deal. Besides, we wouldn’t offer you anything but the best and at the best price possible, this is a big part of a pretty important set of family values. We want to share the same quality experience that we have enjoyed throughout the years. And we’d like to think that our relationship with our BC growers has resulted in the highest quality anywhere.

So, welcome and take a look. We have a wide selection of Indica strain products. We want you to be able to access the best Indica for the best price. Whether you spend $20 or $1,200, we will be sure to give you our full attention and support. And, you’ll get free shipping for any order of $199 or more.

Starting as a medical marijuana supplier was great training. Its who we are.

Herb2Home in Vancouver BC Delivers Our Personal Experience as a Family-Run Business

We love and take great pride in the craft of producing cannabis products. That pride shows in our relationships with customers and patients. Our family has spent a lot of years in this industry. We, and those we love, have personally benefited from medical marijuana on more than one occasion. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years and appreciate the legitimacy our products have earned. We’d like to share the benefits of our personal experience with you.

One way to help you is to make sure our online dispensary is easy to navigate and purchase from. We have everything you need in one place and are ready to help you every step of the way.

Check us out at and become an extended member of our family. We’re at home in Vancouver BC. We’d love to hear from you.