• Lemon Sweet Skunk

    AAAA Lemon Sweet Skunk

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  • Sale! Tangerine Cookies Smalls -5

    ($59/oz) AAA+ Tangerine Cookies Smalls

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  • Wild Thailand Smalls-

    AAA+ Wild Thailand Smalls

    Select Options $25.00
  • Freakshow Strain

    AAA+ Freakshow

    Select Options $17.00$177.00
  • AAA Lodi Dodi

    Select Options $17.99$1,089.00
  • Sale! Jungle Cheese

    ($79/oz) AAA Jungle Cheese

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Get a More Personal Experience. Order High-Quality Sativa from Herb-2-Home

Shopping for Saiva at our Herb2Home site couldn’t be easier and more relaxing. Over the years we have carefully cultivated a great relationship with our BC growers. Together, we have developed the finest weed in Canada. Sharing a vision and working closely together is what family is all about.

The Sativa strain of cannabis, thinner and taller than Indica, also has a thinner leaf than its sister plant. Sativa is known for providing a more invigorating and creative high. It is also considered to provide more alertness compared to Indica, and more properties appropriate for daytime use. The Sativa strain contains less of the more therapeutic CBDs and more of the cannabinoids like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So, this strain is used more recreationally. Sativa is certainly a strain for the senses. Colour, light, and sound all become more vibrant. Although if hybridized with Indica can also be useful as part of medical treatment.

Our family at Herb2Home has paid particular attention to the processes associated with maintaining high quality. Having provided the highest quality of medical marijuana for many years, we have developed a good system for our cultivation process. You’ll be able to tell the difference.

Whichever form of cannabis products you choose, our online dispensary delivers. Our high-quality weed takes many forms, from flowers and concentrates to edibles and even bath and body products.

Herb2Home Delivers the Best Sativa in Canada

Over the years the craft of cannabis has become our way of life. We’re pretty sure we have quality control down at this point. It’s mostly about personal experience. You can shop on our online dispensary and know that everything is top quality. All of our Sativa, and our other strains, ranging from A to AAAA.

We’ve grown relationships as long as we’ve grown herb. So, we’re able to now find some pretty great deals for you. And we don’t have to tell you how good it feels to find a great deal. Also, we have developed some pretty great family values over the years. You’ll soon see how we are to deal with it. Our BC growers will tell you, they’re part of our family.

So, come on in and have a look around. There is a lot of Sativa strain products here. And we want to give you the best price possible. You should be able to access the best Sativa for the best price. We’ll give you our full attention and support, whether you spend $20 or $1200. And, if you do spend $199 or more, we’ll ship it to you for free.

We want to find just what you need and make sure you’re happy. That’s just who we are.

At Herb2Home, We Take Your Experience with Us Personally

When it comes to bringing you the highest quality at the best price, we take it personally. We take pride in our relationships with our customers and our patients. This is our family business. We have personally experienced the benefits of medical marijuana. We very much appreciate the legitimacy that our product has been awarded over the years.

We would love to welcome you into our family of customers and patients.

We have set up our online dispensary to be easy and relaxing to navigate and shop in. We have everything you need. If not, we want to be the first to hear about it. We’ll pay close attention and be there for you through every step if you need us.

We’d like to include you as an extended member of our family. Check us out and become an extended member of our family. We’d love to hear from you.